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Topic: Worship

Keeping the Father’s Name Holy

Continuing the “When You Pray” series, Greg opens this teaching on the Lord’s Prayer by discussing the analogical nature of the way that the New Testament authors wrote.

Marvelous Light

In the sermon this week Greg reflects on how the heavens tell of the glory of God. The vast and beautiful universe, bigger than the human mind can conceive, points to a marvelous creator. This same awe-inspiring creator is the one that became human to love and save all of humanity. Read More 

Joyful Praise

We need reminders of why we praise and worship because it’s easy to forget the meaning amid the distractions and idols of our culture. In this message Greg explores the reasons why we do and do not worship, and looks at the method and tradition presented in the scriptures. Read More 

His Song In Our Heart

Worship is important. However, worship isn’t just about singing. In this sermon, Greg shows how worship takes many forms and brings many benefits to the Kingdom. Read More 

It’s a Wonder-filled Life

We have lost the mystery of this world. We go about our daily lives and are not filled with wonder at what happens. In this sermon, Greg shows how viewing the world like a child will increase how much wonder and mystery we see. Read More 

Worship Like Ants

Praise and celebration are foundational and essential to being God’s people. However, many Christians today are missing out on the importance of doing this together. We emphasize information, but we often don’t see the power of encountering God and the impact that it can have on our lives. Read More 

Celebrate God

We see many examples of celebration in the Bible. By reading through these verses we can learn a lot about what celebration is and how it was done during biblical times. [Focus Scripture: Psalms 66:8] Read More 

Praise & Celebrate

Greg reminded us of the importance of worship, praise and celebration. We sometimes tend to collapse all three of these words together and associate it with the singing portion of a church service, but there’s much more to it that that. Read More 

Praise Him

Praise Him! We may not always feel like praising God, however, there is something transformational about praise that realigns how we see God and how we see our own situations. Praise is one of the ways we fight against the lies of the enemy and walk in the victory of Jesus. Discover how praise can impact your life right now. Read More 

Caught Up In His Beauty

Why do we worship God? Why is it so central to the life of Christians? This sermon addresses how worship is about ascribing worth to God and communing with him. Worship can transform our lives if we’re willing to get “caught up” in it. Read More 

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"My almost-three-year-old asks every day if we can go to church. Thank you, Woodland Hills, and all the Heroes Gate volunteers for creating such a great environment for kids. My husband and I met at WH six years ago and now our son counts down the days until we get to go again. My heart could burst."

– Lindsey