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Recent Sermons

In addition to sermon audio and video files, many of our sermons have other resources available like extended summaries and study guides. Our archive dates back to 1992 and all resources are free to download and distribute. Most sermons are by our Senior Pastor, Greg Boyd.

Holding on for the Blessing

• Brenda Salter-McNeil

The terms "blessing" and "blessed" are spoken of in many different church settings. However, there seem to be many differences of opinion on what the concept actually means. One thing that appears to occur across the board is that we do not usually think about pain and suffering in connection with blessing.

Topics: Creation Care, Leadership

The Holistic Kingdom

• Greg Boyd

Jesus' ministry did not just focus on one aspect of human existence (ie. the need for forgiveness). It was holistic, ministering also to the physical, social and relational needs of the people he came in contact with. As followers of Christ, we are also called to live a life that reflects this love.

Topics: Covenant, Imagination, Joy

The Outsider’s Kingdom

• Greg Boyd

The Kingdom of God is incredibly different from any kingdom of this world. One of the major ways this is so is in the way that God's Kingdom includes everyone in its benefits. When it comes to God's love, no one is left as an outsider!

Topics: Hell, Judgment, Love

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"It's been so supportive to have a journey group leader since 7th grade that I have made a lasting relationship with for 6 years. She has helped me grow in my faith and has been there to check in!"

– Laura, high school student