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A Podcast Community

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The MuseCast is much more than a regular podcast; it’s a unique space for community, featuring connection, humor and, of course, “nuggets” of insight from hosts Shawna Boren and Dan Kent.

As we “learn to love together” the MuseCast takes listeners beyond the learning part and into the togetherness part—mostly through a very lively chat! During the livestream, the YouTube chat is filled with lighthearted teasing, thoughtful reflections, glimpses into personal lives and wrestling with big ideas. MuseCast “regulars” have gotten to know each other through the chat and have made themselves into an informal online community.

Jeff started listening during the pandemic and he says, “I try and catch each week’s MuseCast live, for the fun text banter and other folks’ perspectives. There’s a feeling of community that surrounds it, and a special connection that takes place between not only Dan and Shawna, but with other participating peeps.”

Lila, another listener, agrees. “I came to the MuseCast looking for a gathering group kind of experience, but I keep coming back for the YouTube chat.”

Listeners also appreciate a space to go deeper on the sermon, hear other perspectives and ask questions.

Aaron says, “I find the additional information that sometimes gets glossed over for various reasons during the sermon to be helpful, and I enjoy the interaction between Shawna and Dan as well as the opportunity to write any comments as they are discussing matters.”

Lila says, “I like the summarization of the sermon (known as the ‘sermory’) in case I missed the sermon or if I had trouble following it. I also really like when they go a little deeper and share behind-the-scenes or bonus material that wasn’t included in the sermon.”

MuseCast regular, Ted, says, ”Sometimes I don’t have the energy to concentrate on a sermon or full Sunday teaching. Dan is so very skilled at getting to the essentials. The ensuing discussion and nuggets bring out everyday implications and life applications which are always interesting and helpful, and sometimes even significantly life-changing for me. Also the discussion format is different than the lecture/sermon medium, and so the same basic content can be conveyed and repeated and so I absorb it more deeply.”

Sounds like the MuseCast lives up to its promise to “squeeze every last drop out of Sunday’s sermon!” If you haven’t given the MuseCast a listen, now’s the time! For the full experience, be sure to hop on the YouTube live chat on Tuesdays at 4pm!

One thought on “A Podcast Community

  1. Jeff says:

    Very lively discussion yesterday online! I so appreciate the thoughts concerning “Ha-Satan” and his significance here on earth.

    Maggi, I totally agree with your comment that LOVE is the overriding denominator in his demise vs thrive!

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"We just started attending last summer and we love it! This past weekend the music was so beautiful, I felt the Holy Spirit there and wept the entire time. And then the message on relationships spoke right to my own struggles. God is here."

– Nicole