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Blood Drive Success

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Thanks to everyone who donated to our first on-site blood drive at Woodland!

It was a great success and the Red Cross said we did amazing for our first blood drive. We say “first” because we hope this will be just one of many.

A staff member who helped at the Blood Drive shared a story about Sam, who works at the Red Cross:

One day at work, Sam met a guy named Greg who was talking about a church called Woodland Hills. This piqued Sam’s curiosity. Sam had recently moved to Minnesota and was looking for a church, so he decided to give Woodland a try.

On Sam’s first Sunday here, the guy named Greg was actually up on stage, wearing a blood donor shirt. Sam is now a regular attendee of Woodland, and part of our young adult ministry, Vessels. How cool!  We love stories like this, and maybe you’ll even see Sam at our next Blood Drive (TBD)!

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