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Blood Drive: Thank you!

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Our first-ever blood drive is officially over, and we didn’t reach our original goal, but we are excited about all the pints we were able to contribute. 174 pints is a big deal! We’re really proud of everyone, especially our first-time donors.

We understand that many of you who wanted to give blood were unable to for a variety of reasons and that’s okay! Hopefully you know that we appreciate all the other ways you join us in loving our neighbors.

Here were some of our donor comments:

I would like to thank WH for lighting a fire in me as this week, I went to a site here in Portland to give blood. —Phil

I’ve learned something as little as donating blood can be the biggest change in someone’s life and for that I am now dedicated to donating blood. —Charles

I’m so ‘pumped’ to say that I donated blood for the first time last week!! Going back this week to donate platelets!! —Hilary

The last time I donated blood was 30ish years ago. My bad! I gave last week the “Power Red.” B negative, baby! They love me!! —Tom

I donated blood yesterday for the first time … You know the saying, “Bless someone and you’ll feel more blessed?”  This was like that …I know I will donate again! —Jodi

Way to go, everyone! We hope you’ll consider “bleeding for the Kingdom” again sometime in the near future!

2 thoughts on “Blood Drive: Thank you!

  1. Joan says:

    I have been giving since I was 16 or 18, my mom gave into her late 80’s. A few tips to those who have been rejected from giving….drink plenty of water the day of and before giving, eat high iron foods to raise your hemoglobin, (I used to get turned away for too low of Hemoglobin, because I don’t eat enough meat). Look away when they put the needle into you, if that bothers you, when they prick your finger have them do the side of your finger, less nerve endings and not likely to reopen.
    Do the rapid pass from home before going to your appointment, it cuts out 15-20 minutes of time at the site (Must show from your phone that you did it by showing the barcode)

    I hope all will continue to give regularly, it is so rewarding. They send you an email as to how your blood was used etc.

    1. Emily says:

      Great tips, Joan! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for giving to your neighbors in this way.
      —Emily from the Communications Team

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