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Buying Bird-Friendly Coffee

Buying bird-friendly coffee is a wonderful way to protect birds’ rainforest habitat, as well as ensuring that the coffee plantations are run sustainably. Most coffee is produced in full sun where the rainforest has been razed to make room for the coffee plantation. Shade-grown coffee is produced on shrubs planted under the canopy of the rainforest trees, preserving the habitat. To find shade-grown coffee, look for the “100% Rainforest Alliance Certified” label (rainforest-alliance.org). Caribou Coffee serves 100% Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee. To find out where to buy shade-grown coffee in your corner of the world, visit the Smithsonian’s website, https://nationalzoo.si.edu/migratory-birds/where-buy-bird-friendly-coffee.

Shared by Tina on Wednesday October 5, 2022

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– Knut-Inge, from Norway