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Communitas: Church on the Street

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Communitas Twin Cities is a WH partner ministry that has worked for 13 years with homeless and impoverished residents in downtown St. Paul. Starting as a “church on the street,” they bring church life to people who rarely feel seen or loved.

When most people think “church,” they think of a sermon and songs, but Dianna McCartan, founder and pastor of Communitas, says their community thinks differently. “Church is going OUT into the world to gather the body—not waiting to see who comes into your church doors. We are to be missional with the gospel, living it out in ways that those who serve and those who are served can actually experience it, not just hear it.”

For Communitas living out the gospel includes: eating a monthly meal together, running a savings program, providing resources like clothing, bus cards, and laundry supplies, studying the Bible and prayer.

Outside formal events, community members connect through phone calls, Facebook and occasional special gatherings like bowling or movie nights. Members also step in to take care of each other’s needs. Recently, one member heard about a woman in the community without income who was in dire need of help. Without prompting, he offered her $60 of his own money to assist.

Communitas believes community is the key for the 60 people they serve. To them, community means: a group of people with a mission beyond themselves who share resources and friendship and support each other. Dianna says, “We are discovering that community feels more like the Kingdom when it is with others much different than ourselves—realizing that in the end we are all the same.”

As Communitas grows, they are looking for more volunteers to join their Saturday gathering, either serving meals or as part of the welcome committee.

What’s that experience like? Denise, a Communitas volunteer, says, “Our community has become like a family. We celebrate wins and grieve losses together. We know what’s going on in each other’s lives. We miss each other when we can’t attend on a serve day. We look forward to our time with Communitas every month!“

If you would like to join the volunteer schedule, email: communitastc@gmail.com. Kids make great volunteers, too!

Thank you Communitas for living out church on the fringes of society. We’re glad to partner with you!

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"I have found, in you, a place where the preached word profoundly resonates with my own recent journey of faith and has cemented a new way of thinking, I suppose like jigsaw pieces falling into place. I am grateful that a friend pointed me in your direction."

– Elaine, from the United Kingdom