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Echo Baptism 2018

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Echo Baptism

Last Wednesday, June 20, 10 of our Echo students (7th-12th grade) took the important step to be baptized. For many of them, being invited and accepted into the Echo community has greatly shifted their view and experience of Jesus, church and community. The baptism itself was a beautiful representation of that–every one had family there with them, and many of the Echo students attended and stood alongside those baptized.  Three siblings chose to be baptized together (one is college age, but was a part of Echo before graduation).

For one student, an 11th grader, this was her first year in Echo, and through it her experience of God and community has completely transformed. She started out disinterested, disillusioned and disappointed in who she had been told God and church was. Now, she has been filled with a desire to enter into a relationship with Jesus and become deeply involved in the community. Praise God!

Let’s join together in prayer for our young people as they begin this amazing journey of a relationship with Christ and deepen in their love for God and understanding of God’s love for them.

Echo Baptism
Echo Baptism 2018

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  1. Ernest says:

    Fantastic results when we allowed God to work miracles in our life

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"It's been so supportive to have a journey group leader since 7th grade that I have made a lasting relationship with for 6 years. She has helped me grow in my faith and has been there to check in!"

– Laura, high school student