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Figuring it Out Together

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According to one of its leaders, our young adult ministry was created “to bring together young adults who are figuring life out, so we can figure it out as a community.”

At a recent Vessels Game Night we asked some members for their thoughts on this community where they’re all “figuring life out.”

Luke: At the core of Vessels is a great community. It’s a consistent place where you can come and see the same people and take some time to slow down and reflect and pray together. It feels like home in the sense that it’s where I feel like I belong, and I think a lot of people feel that way.

Ketura: I was looking to make more community and different connections with people my age and Vessels is a fun, regular thing where you can connect. One of the things I really appreciate is our prayer circle where people can share what’s going on and how you’re doing as part of an intentional community revolving around Jesus.

Zuriel: I think we live in an increasingly isolated and lonely world and people are searching for meaning and purpose, so part of our goal is to invite anyone in. I don’t want to have an overtly religious stance upfront, but I do want to invite people into a community that has Jesus’ love at the center so people can experience that and hopefully be transformed when they can see the value and beauty of that love.

Melissa: I came to Vessels because I felt like I was spiritually lonely and yearning for true community. I enjoy geeking out about movies and comics and I love how it feels homey, even though I haven’t known these friends for long. We are not alone, we have to stick together whether that means we are laughing, praying or supporting one another. There’s something really special in that and I’m so grateful to be part of it.

If you’re interested in checking out Vessels, please get in touch! You can learn more here.

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