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Get Your Game On!

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These days we’re asking a lot of questions. What day of the week is it? What’s the ideal 20 second hand-washing song? How do I stay connected to my family and friends?

We’ll leave you to figure out the first two, but we’ve rounded up some online game ideas to help with the last one. Pull out your laptop, download an app, and get your favorite people together in a multiplayer game.

The Classics

Bring back the memories by re-visiting some of the world’s best loved games. Why not start with Uno? Find the free app here.

The good thing about online Monopoly is that no one can sneak by without paying rent (or was that just me?)

Playing Cards is a website that allows you to host your own game room and invite friends and family to play games like checkers, crazy eights, go fish, and euchre.

Try out some fresh takes on Scrabble and Pictionary through the Words with Friends and Draw Something apps

As we’re reacquainting yourself with the ABCs through hand-washing (there’s a popular 20 second song for you!) put all the letters to use in the free Scattergories app or online

Codenames is only a few years old on the game scene, but this new classic has become a fast favorite. Play online at horsepaste.com

Something New

Tackle a game you’ve never tried before with some of these options.

Tabletopia offers hundreds of board games both old favorites and new.

Big Fish Games joined the WHO initiative “Play Apart Together” offering free, colorful games across multiple genres for multiple ages

If you miss cooking together Family Style is an app that puts you in the kitchen, racing against the clock to complete a recipe with your teammates.

Specifically for Grandparents

A few platforms have been designed with grandparents in mind. Here are two of the most popular.

Grandy is a place where Grandparents and grandkids connect online through games and stories. Available on mobile or web. The first month is free, and each additional month is $9.99.

Caribu is a free app that helps families set up virtual playdates complete with books, coloring and games.

If you have a little extra cash…

Jackbox has become a quarantine essential. You can buy stand-alone games starting at $5 or party packs starting at $12. Each pack contains different games for groups that are good for laughs.

Or a free alternative:

Another quarantine standard is Houseparty which brings together up to 8 people together for trivia, Pictionary, and guessing games. Free to use on your computer or phone.

That’s it for today (whatever day of the week this is). We hope this can jumpstart some ideas. Do you have other favorite games you’re using to connect? Let us know in the comments!

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