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Jesus Kitchen Team Returns

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This summer from June 25-July 7, thousands of people in the traveling community (loosely knit communities including homeless travelers and hippies) will meet together in a national forest for the annual celebration of The Rainbow Gathering. This gathering brings together people of all backgrounds looking for love, belonging and spiritual experiences.

The Jesus Kitchen team has served at the Rainbow Gathering since 1995, giving hospitality and rest to people who are often overlooked and neglected by society. Stop by their tent and you’ll be welcomed with meals, foot-washing, prayer, hugs and conversation.

While Woodland has regularly sent out Jesus Kitchen teams, COVID interrupted plans for the past couple years, and this is the first team to go out since summer 2019! The team is led by Woodland missionaries, Ben and Teresa Pothier, and includes Woodland attendees Jeff and Sage Boatman, Amelia Corey and Michelle Hanggi.

Please be praying for the team before, during and after their trip. You can support them financially online or with a check (just include “Jesus Kitchen” in the memo).

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"I began listening to WHC podcasts a little over 3 years ago and my spiritual life became extremely rich as a result. I have learned so much!"

– Scott