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Love Makes Cents 2018

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By Teresa Sayles, Children’s Creative Arts Director

For a number of years, the kids of Woodland Hills have taken the month of February to raise money to help kids in need around the world.  In the past, they’ve provided building materials for a bridge for kids in Haiti, bedding, pillows, mattresses, and bikes for kids in Mexico, solar panels for kids in Rwanda, and camp scholarships for kids in Costa Rica.

This year, we are excited to return to Haiti and help the kids of Lougou and Raymond.  The schools in these communities provide a much-needed meal each day for their students.  For some of these kids, it may be the only meal of substance they have all day.  That’s why Love Makes Cents this year is helping these communities purchase good, nutritious meals to help their kids grow strong and healthy.  These communities also have limited access to healthcare as well as money for medicine and access to larger medical facilities.  So we’re also going to fund some medical care needs for the kids of Lougou and Raymond to ensure they get the care and healthy treatments they need.

At the start of the month, students received a Love Makes Cents bank box to use in collecting their giving/donations.  However, if students did not receive a box or have already filled theirs, they can always use a plastic bag, as well.  This Sunday is the final week of Love Makes Cents – Students should bring in any donations they have this weekend.

Giving with love is a central piece of the Gospel of Jesus.  He calls us as His followers to give generously from the heart with love.  We hope you as parents and guardians will help us encourage the kids of Woodland Hills to look beyond their own needs and wants and choose to serve and sacrifice for others this spring.  Beyond Love Makes Cents, our elementary students will take a look in the month of March at the idea of offering and giving sacrificially.  Kids have an enormous capacity to love and give, and we want to help them develop that giving spirit this spring.

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