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Matt & Jenni Halseth

Since 1999 Matt & Jenni have been actively involved in youth ministry and short–term missions in over 40 countries around the world.

In January 2020, Matt accepted the role of Area Director for Youth Investment Foundation / Timber Bay, to mentor “at-risk” youth in the local community of North Branch and the surrounding areas. The youth we work with are often all alone and disadvantaged in many ways. Our passion is to help struggling unchurched youth find Jesus and the church through caring relationships. We also want to eventually introduce them to cross cultural missions as they grow and mature in Christ.

Our ministry is to mentor at-risk and alienated youth–in conflict with themselves, their family, school or community–with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to affect new attitudes and behaviors in alienated youth and to create a sense of purpose, belonging and community. We also emphasize self-worth, forgiveness, freedom from guilt, accountability and a balanced perspective of authority and freedom.

Our work with students happens in one-on-one and group settings through weekly ongoing community outreach. We also take students on frequent trips to the beautiful, year-round, north woods Timber Bay camp as well as other outdoor adventures and activities throughout the year.

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Location: North Branch, MN
Website: http://www.timberbay.org/give/halseth
Contact Email: matthalseth@timberbay.org

6179 Sioux Trail
North Branch, MN 55056


"You have a great thing going and all of you touch our kids’ lives more than you will ever know or words could ever explain."

– Barb, WH parent