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Tiny Homes are Good News

“You cannot separate the gospel—the message we proclaim as Jesus’ followers—from taking care of your neighbor. It’s incompatible. If it isn’t good news to the poor, then it’s not the good news.” This fundamental belief has been at the core of Mosaic’s love for their neighbors who are experiencing homelessness. Read More 

Race Conciliation FAQ Updates

For eight weeks, we’ve delved into the topic of Race Conciliation, and although we are moving into a new series, the conversation is not done! We originally created this FAQ page in early June after many people sent in thoughtful feedback and questions. We have now expanded the original answers and added new topics to continue to facilitate the conversation on how the church can seek justice, healing and conciliation. Read More 

Why are we focused on changing laws instead of changing hearts?

Racism is both a heart issue and much larger than a heart issue. If sin were just a matter of individual deeds, heart change would be sufficient, but sin has corrupted every aspect of the world, including structures. Focusing on only changing individual hearts leads us back into the trap of individualistic faith. Sin exists in our hearts and in … Read More 

Why don’t you denounce the violence of rioting and looting, too?

As Kingdom people called to be “peacemakers,” we decry all violence. Destroying or stealing other people’s property is wrong. But here it’s important to understand some history. Going back to the centuries of slavery America was built on, whites have decried the destruction of property and lack of “law and order” whenever black or brown people revolted against the racist … Read More 

For Anabaptists, isn’t talking about unjust laws engaging in politics?

It is true that Anabaptists have always stressed that the Kingdom of God is not merely a new and improved version of the kingdoms of the world. God does not call Christians to grab as much worldly power as possible to run society as much as possible. No, we are called to seek an entirely different kind of power—the power … Read More 

Don’t you think if George Floyd wasn’t breaking the law, he’d still be alive?

Imagine if George Floyd was your father, brother or son. You watched him slowly suffocate to death. Now imagine someone said, “Well, he shouldn’t have passed a phony twenty-dollar bill?” How would you feel? Probably you’d be infuriated. Nothing could be less relevant in light of the injustice inflicted upon your loved one! When people point out the shortcomings of … Read More 

Cups Overflowing

This Monday, August 3, Vessels will host their first in-person gathering at Woodland, since COVID began. Keeping safety precautions in mind, they believe it’s important to experience togetherness that isn’t just online. The leaders of Vessels feel called to show others how to gather safely and meet new friends. Danny said, “Now, with a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place, it feels like the right time to relaunch what we’re hoping will be a vibrant, fulfilling ministry for young adults at Woodland Hills!” Read More 

God was better than I ever thought

What really brought me to SOMA was that I was definitely an in-pain person. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and I had a lot of ideas in my head about what it meant to be a Christian that weren’t good, and it made me see Christianity as a really awful thing in a lot of ways. Read More 

Turning Unrest into Rest

From the beginning, Settled has been innovative and resourceful in their approach, and recently their project took on a creative twist. Following recent unrest in the Twin Cities, Settled sent out a request to take the plywood used to protect businesses and repurpose it into material for future tiny homes. Many business owners responded with a resounding yes. Read More 

New Series: Sermon on the Mount

When Jesus started preaching, he announced there was a new Kingdom in town and everyone was welcome to join. But what exactly was he inviting them to? In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus lays out God’s vision for a whole new kind of world. In a way this sermon is his manifesto, his charter, his declaration for a new … Read More 

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