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What’s Good Trouble?

This year’s MLK theme is “Good Trouble,” a phrase that civil rights activist John Lewis often used to spur people on in the struggle for justice. John Lewis died this past year, but his words continue to ring out. We’re not used to hearing the words “good” and “trouble” paired together. But during the civil rights movement there was a good kind of trouble to get into: trouble that pushed back against the evils of racism. Read More 

13th Documentary Discussion

Join Greg Boyd and Osheta Moore on Zoom for guided prayer and discussion based on the documentary 13th. This thought-provoking film explores the intersection of race, justice and mass incarceration in the United States. Its title was inspired by the thirteenth amendment abolishing slavery and involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for conviction of a crime. Read More 


At Woodland we are learning to love together and we’re passionate about racial healing and justice. So, we’re kicking off our first ever Learn-a-thon: “Race and Peace 2021.” We’ll provide resource ideas, and for every hour of learning that each of us completes, a generous donor will make a contribution to the One Fund, which supports local African American churches and ministries. Our goal is 500 hours of learning by the end of February. Read More 

Celebrating MLK Sunday

By Paige K Slighter Every January, Woodland welcomes the opportunity to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We embrace his courage to stand peacefully for justice, his humility to walk in love, and his strong faith rooted in Christ. As a church, we seek the same kind of racial reconciliation and healing that he pursued … Read More 

January Covid Update

In light of the recent update from Governor Walz, which allows churches to hold services at 50% capacity with no maximum number of participants, we would like to share some details about our current plans at Woodland. Read More 

Thank You

We want to thank all of you who have helped financially support Woodland Hills in 2020. For most of us, this year has been more challenging than any other, but we have such deep gratitude for the financial support you’ve shown. Read More 

Acts of Salt and Light

We have a happy update on our blanket and mask donations for the Maplewood family shelter. We were aiming for 35-40 blankets and 100 masks, but ended up with around 200 blankets and over 250 masks! Thank you to everyone who participated! Read More 

Eyes in the Waiting

2020 – what a year. It has been a year of change and adaptation, of distance and longing, of learning new things and facing ancient sins, of divided families and online opinions, of increased fear and decreased celebrations, of tough conversations and life-changing decisions. It’s been a year like no other.

Yet, at the same time, this year is really nothing new. Read More 

Christmas Eve Coloring Pages

For years now, Woodland has kept the tradition of sharing a story with kids on Christmas Eve. Though we’re not gathering in person this year, we want to keep the tradition alive for our Christmas Eve Livestream. Here you’ll find some coloring pages to go with the story. Read More 

Operation Joy 2020

Operation Joy is an annual tradition at Woodland to provide gifts to families in need during the Christmas season. Over the past sixteen years, our beloved community has provided thousands of gifts to kids and parents who are connected to our partner organizations, and in our church community! Read More 

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"Woodland Hills is breaking chains for believers and shattering walls for non-believers. Truly an amazing church to be a part of."

– Ellie