During the Coronavirus outbreak, we've made adjustments to most of our ministries. Learn more >

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65+ Group Update

Because everyone is facing the pandemic together-apart, they are able to share ideas and build one another up. Read More 

Finding Connection

As we continue to seek community and stay safe in the current pandemic, Gathering Groups are a great way to engage weekly with others from our church. Individuals from all over the world are finding comfort through our virtual sermon discussions and discovering new ways to live in God’s love. Read More 

Loving Our Neighbors

Back in April, we enlisted your help to love our neighbors during the pandemic. You contributed heartfelt cards to encourage the disheartened and handmade face masks to keep the vulnerable safe. Your uplifting words and protective coverings provided a lifeline for hundreds of individuals and families locally. Thanks to your creativity and generosity, we received over 400 encouragement cards and over 400 face masks. We are so grateful for everyone who pitched in. We’re wrapping up donations this week but if we need any more in the future, we’ll let you know. Read More 

Cereal Box Love

A couple months ago, we put out the call asking for cereal donations to include in the Food Shelf’s “To Go” boxes, providing food for local families in need. The Naidl family heard this call and rallied together their community to provide 149 boxes of cereal. We are so thankful for their hard work and enthusiasm, and the same goes for everyone else who chipped in. As a church, we collected 300 boxes of delicious, and sometimes nutritious, cereal. Read More 

Reverse Parade Gallery

Last Wednesday, staff and volunteers from Heroes Gate (our children’s ministry) hosted a Reverse Parade at Woodland Hills. While honoring social distancing, they spread out along the front sidewalk of the church to wave hello, chat from a safe distance and hand out prepackaged snacks and activities for kids. Fifteen volunteers dressed up in costumes (masks and gloves included), played musical instruments and held signs that said, “I’m so excited to see you.” Twenty-six cars showed up with fifty plus kids. The pandemic certainly didn’t stop them from having fun! But don’t just take our word for it, check out the awesome photo gallery. Read More 

Our Plan for In-Person Services

As the Coronavirus situation evolves, we want to keep you informed about how we are making decisions to move forward, and how we hope to work our way back to a more normal church experience. One major decision that’s been made is to wait to hold in-person weekend services until at least this fall. This feels like a significant loss, but we feel it’s the best choice given the state of our community. Read More 

Race Conciliation FAQ

We appreciate all the feedback and questions we’ve gotten over the last few weeks in our Race Conciliation series. Since there may be many people with the same questions, we’ve gathered some themed responses. Read More 

Is America Actually Racist?

1) Significant racism doesn’t exist any longer in our country. We elected a black president! 2) There are a bunch of really successful black people out there, so could it be that other black people are living out a self-fulfilling prophecy of defeatism? 3) Black people are just playing the race card to get what they want. 4) Black people … Read More 

Who Am I Supposed to Believe?

1) It feels like there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. I don’t know who to trust. 2) What about those black spokespersons who adamantly deny that racism exists in America? 3) Woodland says that white Christian leaders and communities should follow the leadership of black and brown leaders. But which black and brown leaders should we listen to, … Read More 

Other Questions and Feedback

1) Why do we keep bringing up this topic of racism? By doing so, aren’t we just causing more division? Response: Jesus died to tear down the walls of hostility that divide all people groups and to create in himself “one new humanity” free of division.1 Jesus died to fulfill God’s original dream for humans to reflect God’s loving character … Read More 

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"My almost-three-year-old asks every day if we can go to church. Thank you, Woodland Hills, and all the Heroes Gate volunteers for creating such a great environment for kids. My husband and I met at WH six years ago and now our son counts down the days until we get to go again. My heart could burst."

– Lindsey