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Getting Real: Bible Study

In our Getting Real sermon series, we’re looking at how spiritual practices serve as tools for heart change and authenticity before God. This week: Bible Study! Read More 

New Series: Getting Real

Few things frustrate us more than a person who is all show and no substance, and Jesus had quite a few things to say about the hypocrites of his day. Jesus invites us to use spiritual practices as ways to work toward heart change and authenticity. In this series we’ll see how practices like serving others and fasting enable us to get real before God. Read More 

Podrishioner Profile: Rob Halligan

Rob is a podrishioner from the UK. He got connected to Woodland a few years ago when a friend suggested listening to our messages online. More recently, he was particularly touched by Greg’s lament at the beginning of our friendship sermon series, remembering the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. Greg reminded us that marking the tragedy of that day includes remembering and mourning the young men who committed the atrocities and grieving the fact that they were deceived into believing in the lie of such terrible violence. But Rob’s connection to the anniversary was very personal: his dad was one of the 67 British people killed in the events of that day. Read More 

2021 Fall Gratitude Journal

Fall is here again. That means it’s time to get your creative juices flowing in preparation for our Grateful Heart gratitude journal. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on the things, big and small, for which you are thankful. Who are the people you appreciate? What brings you comfort and joy? God has given us some pretty amazing gifts. Here’s your chance to share what makes your heart sing. Read More 

Caption Contest: Week 6

We are onto our last week of The Lost Art of Friendship caption contest! Thanks again for all your participation, it has been so fun. Here’s the photo for week 6! Read More 

Caption Contest: Week 5

Thanks for continuing to participate in The Lost Art of Friendship caption contest – just a couple weeks left! Here’s the photo for week 5. Read More 

Podrishioner Profile: Dan Valentine

“Woodland Hills has helped me better understand the merciful character of God and our call to live extraordinarily compassionate lives.”

Dan has been a podrishioner in Jersey Shore, NJ, for three years now. He said, “I love how y’all communicate the radical Kingdom vision in which every believer has a role to play.” He wouldn’t describe himself as a naturally empathetic person, but recently he’s been motivated and inspired to serve others by Christ’s example. He said, “I realized that Jesus wasn’t merely telling us to ‘be nice,’ like is often taught in churches. He is radically calling us to lay down our lives for others.” Read More 

Friendship Collage Workshop

Looking for a creative way to process what you’ve been learning during The Lost Art of Friendship series? Join us in the Gathering Area on Wednesday, October 13, for an evening of collage. Cut, arrange and glue your way to self-exploration and connection. We’ll learn from a local artist, Cyndee Buck, how to open our hearts and minds to new insights on friendship and community through our art. Who knows? You might even make a connection! Read More 

Caption Contest: Week 4

We’re over half way through The Lost Art of Friendship caption contest, and you guys are getter funnier every week! Here’s this week’s photo! Read More 

Caption Contest: Week 3

Here we are, week 3 of our Lost Art of Friendship caption contest! Thanks for your participation so far, it’s been so fun!  Read More 

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"We just started attending last summer and we love it! This past weekend the music was so beautiful, I felt the Holy Spirit there and wept the entire time. And then the message on relationships spoke right to my own struggles. God is here."

– Nicole