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Operation Joy 2017

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Operation Joy is an opportunity to provide Christmas gifts to families who are struggling this year from within the Woodland Hills Church community and The Lift.  This partnership works with various departments of the church, including Heroes Gate, Echo, Resonate, and Care as well as The Lift in east St. Paul and Close to My Heart Preschool.  Each recipient is connected to one of these ministries or organizations.  Over the past 14 years, individuals, families, small groups, businesses, and staff have provided thousands of gifts.

Each ornament on the Operation Joy Christmas trees (located in the entry hall of Heroes Gate) provides details about a recipient and gift suggestions.  Children receive a fun gift (teddy bear ornaments) and a needed item (mitten ornaments).  Adults receive a gift card only (mitten ornament).  Another opportunity is to provide a Cub gift card (circle ornaments) for a family to use towards a holiday meal together.

Once you’ve chosen an ornament, fill out a slot on the clipboard next to the display letting us know about your choice.  Then go shopping for a new gift in the range of $25-$30.  Put the gift in a gift bag, attach the original ornament, and drop off at the display or the Heroes Gate check-in desk before Sunday, December 10th.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to share God’s love in a practical way.   Everyone can participate in the process of choosing an ornament, purchasing a gift, putting it in the gift bag, and dropping it off, so the whole family is doing ministry together!

For more information about Operation Joy, contact Patrick Showers at 651-287-2050 or pshowers@whchurch.org.

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    I would like to registrar for the managing emotions bible study, I will bring my 5 dollar registration fee tonight.I’m exited, See you then.

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