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Practicing Kingdom Hospitality

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By Paige K Slighter

From cover to cover, the Bible reveals God’s amazing hospitality towards us. He creates space for us, invites us into his family and prepares a place for us. At Woodland, we want to imitate God’s Kingdom perspective as much as we can, including his hospitality. That’s why every March and April, we open our doors to families in need through Project Home.

Project Home is a non-profit working to fight homelessness by providing overnight shelter for families that are temporarily without housing. We have been honored to act as a Project Home site for the past 11 years. Every year has been uniquely different and rewarding, and beautiful relationships develop. Many of the families who walk through our doors are forever changed. Even after finding permanent housing, they have stayed in touch with us and some even come back to volunteer.

This ministry would not be possible without our amazing volunteers. Volunteering requires some food preparation and a small amount of administration, but it mostly involves having fun! Connecting with guests is as easy as striking up a conversation and playing games. Last year we did everything from a movie night to hunting for Easter eggs.

In 2018, Woodland featured a whole sermon series on hospitality, check it out here. In his sermon, “Getting Under God’s Skin,” Greg challenged us to make space in our lives to welcome strangers. He said, “When we do this, we are not just imitating God, we are being his hands and feet and participating in the essence of God. We are the body of Christ, and thus the only means by which God can continue to demonstrate his hospitality to others through us.” Let’s take this opportunity with Project Home to practice Kingdom hospitality.

Are you ready to get your hospitality on? Join the training on February 18 at 7pm.
You can also join us for an informational meeting on Sunday, February 23 at 12:30pm in North B!

Contact Mary at manderson@whchurch.org for more information.


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