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Reopening in May!

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Update: Details and registration for in-person services can be found here!

We’re back, we’re back, we’re back! (Can you tell we’re excited?)

On Sunday, May 2nd, we’ll be resuming two in-person services: one at 9am and one at 11am. Heroes Gate will also be open again, so bring your kiddos!

Of course things are going to look pretty different, and we’ll all need to work together, so we’ve created a plan to help you know what to expect and what you can do to help.

These details are coming soon and will be posted on our website, announced during the weekend and sent out in the Rundown newsletter. In the meantime, send your questions to info@whchurch.org.

Can’t wait to see you. At last!

7 thoughts on “Reopening in May!

  1. Kristy says:

    I’m so excited for the reopening! I usually attend the Saturday evening service. Will that be starting back up too?
    Thank you!

    1. Emily says:

      Hi Kristy,
      At this point we will not have the Saturday service. As we move forward with reopening, we continue to gauge next steps for service timing. In the meantime, we’ll have services at 9am and 11am with the livestream at 11am. We’ll keep the church updated as things change!
      —Emily from the Communications Team

  2. Ray Brackman says:

    How about working in the Welcoming ministry, as before?

  3. Kristy says:

    I’ve never worked in the welcoming ministry (referred to in the last message). I’m interested in finding out more, though!

    Have a wonderful, sunny Tuesday!

    1. Paige Slighter says:

      Hey Kristy,
      Did you receive the information you were looking for concerning the Welcome Ministry?
      – Paige from the Communications Team

      1. Kristy says:

        Hi there!
        No, I did not receive the information.
        But, after attending service yesterday, I learned that there will only be one service at 10am (going forward?). Due to my work schedule, I’d only be able to help with welcoming for Saturday evening or Sunday at 9am.

        1. Paige Slighter says:

          Yes, just the 10am. So sorry that does not work with your schedule.
          – Paige from the Communications Team

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