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Sacred Settlements Bill Passes!

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You probably know our partner organization, Settled, from the tiny homes in our parking lot, but their vision is a lot more than just houses on wheels to help people struggling with homelessness. Settled’s goal has always been to create Sacred Settlements of tiny houses, which they describe as places where, “residents can have productive lives, sustain meaningful relationships, and become settled.”

One big obstacle to the Sacred Settlement model has been that Minnesota law hasn’t allowed homes on wheels to be used as permanent housing. So, for the past three years, Settled has advocated for a new law to change regulations, and hallelujah – it’s here! The bill passed with unanimous bipartisan legislative support, and Sacred Settlements are now recognized as a legal form of permanent housing!

While the St. Paul city council gave approval for the settlement at Mosaic Church last summer, this new legislation will hopefully make it easier to move forward in other communities. Gabrielle Clowdus, cofounder of Settled, explained, “Cities now have a clear and complete list of standards to use in permitting these settlements, and congregations are assured that their settlement will be permitted if they meet these standards. We are hopeful that more congregations will consider using the Sacred Settlements model.”

This is a big deal and we are celebrating along with Settled. If you’d like to learn more, you can read up on our partnership on our website, or find out more about their organization on the Settled site.

3 thoughts on “Sacred Settlements Bill Passes!

  1. Maggi says:

    How wonderful!

  2. RACHEL says:

    Praise God!! How soon will there be a tiny home settlement at WHC?

    1. Emily says:

      Hi Rachel — thanks for your enthusiasm!
      For a variety of reasons Woodland Hills is not hosting a Sacred Settlement. However, we are committed to ongoing partnership with Settled through offering our building space for tiny home demonstrations and construction, and for getting homes out to other locations.
      –Emily from Communications

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