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Blessed Revolution

Oct 14 2012 • Bruxy Cavey, Greg Boyd

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus lists characteristics of what a person will look like when they follow Him. These are called the Beatitudes, and they help followers of Jesus be salt and light to the world. In this series, we will be examining teachings on dependence, mourning, meekness, righteousness, mercy, purity, peace, persecution and how they lead us to be a counter-cultural community.

Sermons in this series:

The Peacemakers and The Persecuted

• Greg Boyd

Being a peacemaker is more profound than simply being skilled at ending arguments. Our peacemaking is working against the corruption and conflict that pervade this world. In this sermon, Greg shows us how the cycle of conflict and how we can live in a way that breaks the cycle.

Topics: Conflict, Judgment, Peace

The Merciful and The Pure In Heart

• Greg Boyd

As we continue our series on the beatitudes, we find an increasing understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. In this sermon, Greg talks about mercy and being pure in heart. He also shows how God doesn’t reward us for being merciful and being pure in heart, but there are natural, good consequences in doing these things.

Topics: Grace, Judgment, Justice

The Dependent and Those Who Mourn

• Greg Boyd

God designed us to get all of our life, worth and value from him. But when humanity signed our declaration of independence in the garden, we started to fill our lives with the things of this world. In this sermon, Greg calls us to become dependent on God in ways that might cause us to mourn. Additionally, Greg addresses the marriage amendment vote in Minnesota.

Topics: Blessings, Controversial Issues, Disciplines

The Salt and Light Revolution

• Greg Boyd

Jesus commanded his disciples to be the salt and light of this world, but being the salt and light has been misunderstood in many contemporary Christian circles. In this sermon, Greg talks about the purpose of being salt and light, and he calls all of Jesus' followers to step out of the crowd and become disciples.

Topics: Community, Discipleship, Transformation


"I really can't emphasize enough how much of a blessing WH has been to my wife and me. WH is the one place I feel comfortable to ask the “forbidden questions” and not feel like a heretic. God has used y'all to truly bless our lives."

– Jonathan