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Do Not Be Afraid

Sep 17 2023 • Dan Kent, Greg Boyd

Revelation opens with a startling vision that causes John to fall to the ground in fear. But Jesus touches him and says, “Do not be afraid.” As we begin to explore the “apocalypse” (unveiling) that is the book of Revelation, this message is for us, too: do not be afraid! We have nothing to fear, because what is unveiled is God’s character, his self-sacrificial love and his victory over darkness.

Sermons in this series:

Angelic Awe

• Greg Boyd

John sees a vision of Jesus holding the entire angelic world in his hand, symbolizing his universal authority. This sermon explores the reality of an angelic world by highlighting how our knowledge of the universe is actually very limited. Then we learn the role that angels play and how we can participate in the victory that Jesus won over what the Bible refers to as “spiritual powers” that have held us in bondage.

Topics: Spiritual Warfare

Jesus’ One & Only Weapon

• Greg Boyd

This sermon explores John’s first heavenly vision where he is told to record what he sees and send it to seven churches. Part of this vision is a sword that comes from the mouth of Jesus, the only weapon that is ever associated with Jesus. Why is this symbol important? What does it mean? And what is the significance of it being his only weapon? The sermon answers these questions.

Topics: Discipleship, Non-Violence, Transformation

Slaughtering Lies

• Greg Boyd

This sermon examines three key phrases found in Revelation 1:4-8 that help us understand the overarching themes of Revelation and reframe popular ways that this book has been taught. Through these phrases, we learn that the end times are not about waging wrathful war but about destroying lies that deceive.

Topics: End Times, Judgment, Repentance

The Seven Spirits of God

• Greg Boyd

What are the “seven spirits”? To answer this question, Greg explores the way that Revelation employs numbers to convey truths, with seven referring to completeness or perfection. The seven spirits implies the perfect giving of the Holy Spirit, God’s presence, just as God completely poured himself out in the Incarnation.

Topics: Holy Spirit, Kingdom of God, Presence of God

The Bride Says “Yes” to the Dress

• Greg Boyd

What is the endgame of all of Scripture? Since the Book of Revelation points to this endgame, it is crucial that we step back and look at the big picture of God’s purpose. This sermon answers this question by highlighting the goal of the preparation of the bride (God’s people) to be wed to the groom (Christ).

Topics: Covenant, Kingdom of God

Three Works of Jesus

• Shawna Boren

Jesus, whom the book of Revelation gives divine titles, is at work in our world. This work is manifest in three ways according to this passage: he loves us, freed us, and made us. We put ourselves in a place to receive God’s ongoing love and to live out the freedom that we have been given. In addition, we have been made priests, people who offer this love and freedom to the world; we do this in our normal, everyday lives.

Topics: Calling, Hope, Love

Rolling Stones

• Dan Kent

As members of God’s kingdom, we are priests, what Peter calls “living stones,” who participate in God’s transcendent and glorious work to redeem all things. There is not a special class of people designated for this, but God includes us in his work to change the world.

Topics: Kingdom of God, Transformation

The Faithful Witness

• Greg Boyd

Our focus scripture states that God relates to creation in time, through the past, in the present, and toward the future that is to come. He walks with us in relationship, as is demonstrated throughout the Old Testament. This eternality of God is applied to Jesus in Revelation, highlighting the divine transcendence of the slain lamb.

Topics: Fear, Hope, Trinity

The Saturation Point

• Greg Boyd

We are told that we are blessed if we hear and keep the words of Revelation. These words will challenge the norms of the culture that shape us, which means that we must be open to ways that we don’t know we are deceived. But even more than hearing, we must practice keeping these words, internalizing them in such a way that they become part of us.

Topics: Covenant, Transformation

A Living Faith

• Dan Kent

Many read Revelation as a predictor of the future. This turns God into a fixed, wooden object who does not actually relate to a living creation. But this book was never meant to be read this way. Instead, it points to a living God who relates to a living creation and calls us into a living faith.

Topics: End Times, Faith, Free Will

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