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Take Heart.

Apr 28 2019 • David Morrow, Greg Boyd, Sandra Unger

To live in this world is to live on a spiritual battlefield that breaks and bruises us every day. Yet, even in the middle of this battlefield, Jesus tells us to “take heart.” In this five-week series, we take heart by returning to and basking in foundational Kingdom principles: the radical love of God, our essential identity in Christ and the covenant promises of God’s presence, power and peace. Along the way, we will see that just as God encourages us, so we are to encourage one another.

Sermons in this series:

Expecting God.

• David Morrow

Today with David, we looked at God’s desire for encouragement and what kind of posture we should have in encouragement. He looks closely at the nostalgia of the Israelites when the temple was rebuilt and how it keeps us from seeing the ways God wanted to encourage them in the present rebuilding.

Topics: Fear, Hope, Pain & Suffering, Relationships


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