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The Law of Love

Jan 24 2021 • Dan Kent, Greg Boyd, Guest Panelists

“The law” dominated the lives of first century Jews. Every part of their life was shaped by rules and regulations, down to how you washed your hands and ate your food. But for modern readers, the concept of the law is foreign and confusing. In this mini-series of our exploration of the Sermon on the Mount, we look at the larger context of what the law is in Scripture, how we interpret it today as Kingdom people, and what it means to balance grace and truth.

Sermons in this series:

The Divinely Inspired Story of God

• Greg Boyd

In the first part of the sermon, Greg explains the decision of leadership regarding its plans for re-opening. The second part delves into the topic of what the inspiration of Scripture means and what it does not mean. It concludes with a panel discussion about trusting the authority of Scripture in a post-modern setting.

Topics: Controversial Issues, Discipleship

The Kingdom Bullseye

• Greg Boyd

Jesus announced that he came to fulfill every part of the law. How was he able to do this when he was accused of breaking the law? He did this by redefining the law of God around the law of love. This is the bullseye of God’s Kingdom.

Topics: Kingdom of God, Love

Dashboard Discipleship

• Dan Kent

The New Testament raises expectations for obedience to the level of perfection, while at the same time offering mercy and grace when we don’t meet those expectations. What is going on with this seemingly contradictory language? How do the two work together so that we grow as disciples?

Topics: Discipleship


"We just started attending last summer and we love it! This past weekend the music was so beautiful, I felt the Holy Spirit there and wept the entire time. And then the message on relationships spoke right to my own struggles. God is here."

– Nicole