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The Corner Shelf: Don’s Story

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We are halfway through our food drive at The Corner Shelf as we celebrate National Nutrition Month, and so far we have brought in 551 pounds of food toward our goal of 2,000!

The Corner Shelf serves a critical role in our community and gives us the opportunity to meet all sorts of people. One of the clients we’ve gotten to know over time is Don.

Don has been coming to the food shelf for a few years, and one day he put a note about the food shelf in the lobby of his senior building. Many people responded asking for his help, and today he and a friend collect food for 18 units—nearly half their building!

Don describes the importance of this weekly run: “This is a tough time for people. A lot of them are in their 80s and 90s, and by the time you get to that age, you stop driving. We put the week’s food in a cart and bring it to their front door. Sometimes, if they’re using a walker, we bring it in for them. Sometimes we stay and talk. When you offer to do something like that, you meet everybody! They’re happy to get it and they appreciate the variety.”

Don comes first thing in the morning, picks up the sheets listing that week’s food options and brings them back for everyone to make their choices. Then he returns to The Corner Shelf. “They see you coming and they know your name.” Don hands over his lists, staff and volunteers pack the food, and then they send Don back home, his 1999 Toyota Camry filled to the brim.

Laurie Preston, our Missions and Ministry Support Coordinator, often chats with Don. “He’s funny, genuine and has a huge heart to serve.” On birthday weeks, The Corner Shelf makes sure clients get birthday cakes. Don just turned 80 this month, but he often tells Laurie his birthday is whatever week he happens to be there. He has yet to succeed in scoring an extra cake.

Thank you Don, for such an act of service to your neighbors. Thank you Corner Shelf crew, for all your hard work. And thank you Woodland Hills, for your generosity in making all this happen!

If you would like to donate to the food drive, find information and a list of most requested items here.

One thought on “The Corner Shelf: Don’s Story

  1. John says:

    Don has always been a kind and caring person. Glad he is helping you and your community.

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