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The Corner Shelf Fundraiser Success!

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You did it!

We asked for $25,000 in order to make some improvements to our food shelf, and you raised a total of $34,417!

You can read about the improvements we’ll be making here.

Paula Bowlby, Associate Outreach Pastor, shared the reaction from The Corner Shelf staff: “I wish you could have seen our team high five as we got the numbers. I shouldn’t be surprised by how quickly the Woodland community raised the money, but I was! Wow! It is hard to quantify what the donations mean to the community we serve. We can’t wait to show pictures of the literal and metaphorical fruits of your generous donations.”

Thank you doesn’t do it justice, but we’ll say it anyway: thank you! We couldn’t do this without you all.

More info about The Corner Shelf can be found here, and you can sign up to volunteer here.

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