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The TAP: Just Be Yourself

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“Sometimes you want to go

Where everybody knows your name,

And they’re always glad you came.”

– Cheers Theme Song

It’s no secret that we’re all designed with the desire to connect and feel a deep sense of belonging. Who doesn’t crave a loving community that provides security and acceptance? A place where we can be our true selves without judgment– open up, let loose and maybe even cut it up on the dance floor?

Woodland’s onsite partner, The TAP, is a non-profit that nurtures this kind of intimate community. They say, “Someone’s inability to access community and culture can be their greatest disability.” That’s why they create a welcoming environment for people with disability labels. No matter how able you are, we all wear labels. However, when you’re part of The TAP, everyone leaves their labels at the door. Being freed from these labels is cause for celebration! That’s why The TAP hosts monthly parties. There’s dancing, karaoke, video games, spoken word and much more. TAP members can’t emphasize enough how much fun they’re having.

In his sermon titled Proudly Dis-labeled, Greg said, “You don’t realize how many judgements and labels you have for yourself and others until you go to one of these parties and are free from them. This is why Jesus said when you have a party, don’t just invite your friends. Invite people you don’t know.”

The TAP’s events are open to people of all abilities. Everyone is invited to be known by name, cheered on, listened to and accepted! This is all made possible by volunteers who show up ready to connect. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, The TAP has a place for you. Volunteering can be as simple as asking someone’s name, playing your favorite game or sitting next to someone you don’t know. No matter who you are, you’ll find your fit.

If you want to join in on The TAP’s Kingdom-looking party, check out their upcoming A Very TAPPY Holiday Party on Friday, December 13 at Woodland. Along with all the usual festivities, there will also be other holiday surprises. TAP artists will be showcasing their art and crafts at the TAP Boutique. It’s an excellent opportunity to purchase unique Christmas gifts. Who knows, Santa might even be there . . .

 “God’s love does not pick and choose, it comes in the way the sun shines or like the rain falls, like a blanket on ALL.” – Greg Boyd

For more information about The TAP contact Michelle at michelle.aimservices@gmail.com or at 612-251-2423.

4 thoughts on “The TAP: Just Be Yourself

  1. Jerry says:

    The Tap Holiday party at WHC on December 13th begins at what time and ends at what time?
    I have a previous commitment but will try to get out of it early. I think that I have some serious dis-labeling to do!

    1. Emily Morrison says:

      Hi Jerry,
      The party is from 6-9pm. You are welcome at any time!

  2. Alfred Wolfram says:

    Will you have any escorted excursions/trips for special needs individuals this summer? If not, can you recommend any?

    1. Emily says:

      Hi Alfred, The best place to find this out would be contacting the TAP directly: info@yourtap.org. You can also find upcoming events here: https://yourtap.org/events/. Hope that helps! —Emily from the Communications Team

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– Knut-Inge, from Norway