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Tiny Home Makes Its First Public Appearance!

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Last weekend, thousands of youth from around the country came to Minneapolis for the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod conference. 1,200 of them participated in an interactive experience on homelessness, including a visit to the tiny house prototype built by Woodland volunteers in collaboration with the nonprofit, Settled.

Visitors were asked questions to provoke new ways of thinking about homelessness. Instead of sitting at the stoplight, hoping for the light to turn green quickly, how can we engage our neighbors? How can the church be the answer to the problems of homelessness?

After one presentation a youth leader from New York said, “I had thought about this, but I had never really considered it.”

Gabrielle Clowdus, the speaker from Settled, said that she saw this weekend as planting hundreds of tiny seeds to change the way churches across the nation think about homelessness.

One thought on “Tiny Home Makes Its First Public Appearance!

    Kristin says: Monday July 29, 2019 at 10:13 am

    This mission fits very closely with the desire of my heart. I currently work inpatient psychiatry as an Occupational Therapist and our core belief is that people are healthier when engaged in meaningful work or activity. All of these marginalized people want to work and make a difference but we treat them like they have nothing to offer. I would love to train and supervise and organize and support homeless people making tiny houses for other homeless people. Please let me know how I can get involved.
    Kristin Linder-Brown
    6113 3rd Ave South
    Mpls Mn 55419


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