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Tiny Homes Update

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This last winter during our When We Show Up campaign, Woodland raised money to build a prototype of a tiny home for the long-term homeless.

A movement to build tiny homes for those experiencing homeless is growing across the nation. Tiny home settlements are cost-effective, eco-friendly and ideal for providing both privacy and community. But this is a new approach in the Twin Cities, so it’s important for communities to see what this could look like in actuality. The purpose of this display home is to help other churches and government officials catch a vision for how tiny homes can address the problem of homelessness in the Twin Cities.

Janice Rohling, Executive Pastor at Woodland says, “It’s been great to be a part of getting this prototype off the ground. We’re excited about the potential for tiny houses in the Twin Cities, and will continue to seek God’s direction for Woodland’s participation in this endeavor.”

Construction of this tiny home is taking place in the north parking lot. We hope to have an open house to launch the prototype by early fall.

3 thoughts on “Tiny Homes Update

  1. Brynden says:

    I would like to help with construction of these.

  2. Alex says:

    Love this idea! How is it coming along? Are people and churches getting behind you on this? Would to hear more about this. So christ-like!!

    1. Emily Morrison says:

      Hi Alex, Thanks for your interest! You can learn more about Settled and their updates at their website https://besettled.org/
      -Emily from the Communications Team

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