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Topic: God's Will

Does God Play Favorites?

What does it mean to be one of God’s chosen people? Some people think back to middle school gym class and how they might have been last-picked for the team. In this sermon, Greg talks about the idea of being chosen by God and how being chosen isn’t the same as predestination. Read More 

A Letter to Henry

It’s a simple but profound truth that God looks like Jesus. This truth becomes all the more important when we face struggles in this world. In this sermon, Greg shares the story of Henry and Henry’s family that faced a battle no parent wants to face. Read More 

Shadow of the Cross

If Jesus dying on the cross reveals God’s true nature, then what do we do with the barbaric pictures of God in the Old Testament? In this sermon, Greg talks about the problem and offers a different viewpoint of how to see the shadow of the cross in the Old Testament. Read More 

God’s Shadow Activity

When people read the Old Testament, it can be a bit confusing to those that know Jesus and his ministry. In this sermon, Greg talks about how the Law in the Old Testament was simply a shadow of the cross, and that the ugliness in the Old Testament simply shows how far humanity was separated from God. Read More 

What’s God Thinking?

Discerning God’s will can be difficult. In the final sermon of God Will Hunting, Greg offers some practical suggestions for knowing God’s will. He also tells stories that highlight how these suggestions work in the real world. Read More 

The Chairman’s Plan

In the movie, The Adjustment Bureau, there is a chairman who has the master plan for the world and his agents adjust the world to make sure this plan happens. God works differently. In this sermon, Greg talks about God’s will and how we play a role in the creativity of this world. Read More 

Making a Difference

Even though the Borens are leaving Woodland Hills this week, their messages will continue to live on. In this sermon, Scott says farewell but also has a message of making a difference in this world. By bearing good fruit, we leave a footprint in this world. Read More 


Finding the will of God is much easier when we are walking daily with God. In this sermon, Shawna Boren lays out what it looks like to start and continue that journey with God. She also helps educate us on proper texting. Read More 

The Who and The Do

God’s will for us is primarily about who we are and not what we do. When we realize who we are in God’s eyes, then it is much easier to find God’s will in our lives. In this sermon, Pastor Seuss shares with us some practical ways to open up to finding the Who portion of God’s will. Read More 

Stick and String

God’s will is foremost about who we are and not what we do. God’s original design for us was to express his beauty to this world, but that requires us to receive who we are from him. In this sermon, Greg talks about his experiences as a little boy and how his interaction with God has shaped his understanding of who he is today. Read More 

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"I cannot even begin to explain how incredibly profound the impact from these sermons has been on my life. Thank you, Woodland Hills Church, for posting them. We're reading you down in Texas, loud and clear."

– Kileigh, from Texas