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Topic: Identity in Christ

In Christ Our Permanent Residence

As we start our new sermon series in Colossians, it is important to remember the foundations on which the early Church stood. Living in Christ, for the early Church, was the same as living at an address, and it had large implications for how they viewed themselves. In this sermon, Greg points out some of these implications and also gives a little history behind Paul’s letter to Colossae. Read More 

How Not To Be A Wuss

We’re called to partner with God in the breaking in of the new Kingdom. This empowers us to be aggressive. Not aggressive towards other people, but against the powers and principalities in the world and in our own hearts. Read More 

[Feeling Insignificant] Happens

Most of us grew up wanting to be a superstar of some kind, whether it was an athlete, performer, or war hero. However, as we grow older, we recognize that we might be more ordinary than we thought. Yet, God wants us to know exactly how significant we are. Read More 

I’m Not Who I Was

The story of the Exodus (see the book of Exodus) is a story of God leading His people from bondage to freedom. In this week’s sermon, Jim Hobson asks the question “If Christ has set us free, why are so many Christians still in bondage?” Jim contends that to free ourselves from bondage, we must see ourselves as God sees us. Read More 

Subverting the Subversion

The Devil has historically used a 1-2 punch to fight God. He usually starts by trying to snuff out the Kingdom of God, and if that doesn’t work, he tries to normalize the Kingdom of God. This normalization leads to a watered-down and mundane version of the Kingdom. God calls us to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. Read More 

Celebrating a Subversive King

Jesus was born a subversive King. He was born to show the world the true Kingdom and the True God, and in so doing, showed the world how the Roman kingdom was false. In the spirit of Jesus’ subversive intention, Greg shows us a way to be subversive with the Christmas culture of the western world. Read More 

The Center of the Ride

A central aspect of living as a Christian is lining up our life with the revealed Word of God. The battlefield of our living is actually waged in our soul, our mind. God wants us to understand exactly who we are in His eyes, so that our understanding will lead to right living according to the revealed Word of God. Read More 

Breaking From Greenspan

In the parable of the lost coin, the woman calls her friends and neighbors together to rejoice with her when she finds it. Greg explores why she was so excited to recover a single coin of seemingly limited value. Read More 

Empowering Love

We, as Jesus followers, are called to reflect God’s love in this world. We are to live lives of love, as imitators of God. We are to do everything in love and live in the unity of love with other Christ followers. Read More 

Left My Worries Behind

Jesus warned his disciples about the coming destruction of the temple. This prophecy was fulfilled in 70 AD. Yet there are timeless truths to be found in this text regarding what it means to prepare for what lies ahead of us. Read More 

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