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Topic: Identity in Christ

The Ghost Of Christmas

In many ways, Jesus is like the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future in Charles Dickens’ story A Christmas Carol. However, much more than remind us of our past, Jesus has the power to transform it which allows us new freedom both in our present and our future. Read More 

Returning To The Sacred Shhh…

When we work for justice in the world, we are partnering with what God is already doing. It’s important that we seek God first, rest in God’s love, and only then can respond faithfully to the call to partner with God by fighting for justice in our communities. Read More 

Who Do You Think You Are?

At one point in Jesus’ ministry, priests and teachers of the law questioned Jesus about his authority. They asked him by whose authority he taught the gospel and did the miracles. Rather than answering their question, Jesus returned a question. Read More 

Animate Questions: Getting Life

There were a lot of questions generated by our recent Animate series. This sermon answers questions about why Christians have sometimes been suspicious of the imagination, and about how we can get our “life” (worth, significance and security) from God. Read More 

Clever Disguises

This is the fifth message in the Animate series which focuses on making ourselves free and available to commune with God. Transformation comes from spending time in the presence and glory of God. Read More 

Return to Innocence

Jesus uses little children as examples of the attitude we are to take. The innocence of children give us a good model for trusting God, getting our identity from him and avoiding the evaluation and judgment game.

Read More 

My Life as a Vampire

What is the difference between a vampire and Jesus? This may sound like a rather odd question to ask, but you may be surprised at the profound difference between the two. A vampire is known for two things: it loves to dwell in darkness and feeds off of people. Jesus is known for two things: he lives in light and sacrificially gives of himself in love for all. Read More 

Yes, I Reign!

In living a life of faith, it’s very important to allow Jesus to define how we see our life experiences. There are often moments in life when things do not turn out the way that we plan them to, or the way that we think things “should be.” And it’s in these moments, that we have to look at the work of Jesus in our everyday lives, and trust that God is indeed present and bringing forth his Kingdom in and through us. Read More 

Heart Reflections

Just like a tree reveals either good or bad fruit, our lives reveal to others who we truly are. As followers of Christ, we are called to live a life that reveals the beauty of God. We learn from Jesus that true beauty and change only comes from the inside-out. As our hearts are turned and transformed in Christ, our words and actions bring forth beauty. Read More 

Leadership with a Limp

A “bottom feeder” is a type of fish that eats just about anything it finds at the bottom of a body of water. Greg uses this term to represent a way of living where a person attempts to get life from things outside of themselves. Even church leaders can fall into a religious type of “bottom feeding” where they get life from the people they serve. In Luke 6:39-42, Jesus talks about just this type of thing when he speaks about the blindness and hypocrisy of some of the religious leaders. Greg describes an alternative to “bottom feeding”–“leading with a limp”, where we humbly take our own weaknesses into account as we lead others. Read More 

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"I'm so thankful to have found the podcasts in the last couple of months! The Lord has really been using them to encourage me and my family! "

– Mindy, from Georgia