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Topic: Presence of God

Fearing the Untamed God

We read in different parts of the Bible that we are to fear God, but what does that mean? Many people live in a state of constant fear that God will reject them or cause them harm if they act or think in certain ways. This is not what the Bible means by fearing God. But fearing God doesn’t mean nothing. In our culture, God has become so common that he is no longer sacred. People act without any regard for what God thinks. What then is a proper understanding? It is true that God did become one of us, taking on human flesh. But if all we see is the intimate God, he becomes too “nice” and too “tamed” to be worthy of worship. Read More 


Smelling Good

This week’s message on “Smelling Good to God” was drawn from Luke 1:8-10. Greg used this text as an opportunity to show how the Old Testament temple structure and worship offer insights into the language and imagery of the New Testament. A significant part of Greg’s message centered on the new reality of us, both collectively and individually being the temple of God (1 Cor. 3:16, 6:19). Collectively, as the community of faith, we are the Body of Christ, and the temple of God. The Holy Spirit dwells within us. So, what then does this mean? Since we are all now priests of God, we also share the responsibilities of priests. If we feel that our lives are not very dynamic and exciting in terms of our Christian walk, we may want to accept this challenge! God wants all of our lives. As we yield more and more to God, we will experience the peace that comes from drawing on the true source of Life. Read More 


Hearing God, Part 2

Kevin Johnson, our community pastor, continued his two-part series. He began with an affirmation that it is the very nature of God to speak to us and lead us. Not only in exceptional situations but as a general rule! God is not a single independent entity, but a community of three persons. Community, and therefore communication, is as the foundation of God’s reality. Read More 


Hearing God, Part 1

Kevin Johnson, our Community Pastor, introduced this week’s message with a statement: “I want to hear from God.” Every culture seems to have felt this desire. It’s a human urge to be connected with our Source, with God, with our Creator. We want to make contact with the divine somehow, and different cultures have developed many diverse ways of expressing this. Does God speak to us today? Read More 


The Father is Always Working

This week, Greg preached an inspiring message that concluded his Kingdom of God series and emphasized how God the Father is a living, interactive God who is always working in the world. As such, the kingdom of God is one of the “here and now”! To the extent that Christianity is transformed from finding life in Christ to finding life from Christian religiosity and moral correctness, it will not only continue to alienate others by living in judgment but also blind its followers to how God is actively, vibrantly working right NOW in those alienated. Read More 


Waking to a Dream

Greg continued his series on the kingdom of God and focused on living life moment by moment. All we really can offer to God is the very moment we are in – will we bring our faith into the moment-by-moment reality of our life? Greg discussed Gen. 28:10-13 and 16-17, focusing specifically on the fact that Jacob was awakened (through a dream) to the presence of God right in the very place he stood. We must remember that God is with us right here in the place where we stand, where we work, where we sin, where we worship, everywhere. Read More 

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