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Topic: Salvation

Renouncing Satan, His Works and His Pomp

Baptism is a public confession of faith in Christ. It is a renunciation of living the way the world lives, with all of its lures and traps, and pledging to live a life that is solely for Christ. It is a life that is radically distinct from the ways of the world. One of the first mentions of baptism following Christ’s resurrection is found in the book of Acts (2:37-38). In this passage, the apostle Peter speaks to those who just heard the “good news” of Jesus, and tells them to: “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.” Read More 

The Gospel of Groundhog

Jesus grew in wisdom and he impressed the teachers of the law with his insight when he was only twelve years old. This wisdom and insight was not based upon a reservoir of head-knowledge. He was not impressing people with the facts he had stored up from studying. Instead he was demonstrating insight into life. He had understanding and he grew in this understanding. God wants to use a difficult marriage or a frustrating work environment to teach us something. While he is not the source of these troubles, he is wise enough to know how he can take advantage of trials to refine us and give us wisdom. Read More 

You Ain’t No Cinderella

As Christians we believe that God, out of love for us, set-aside his divinity and became a finite human being in order to bring humanity to redemption. Despite knowing this truth, we can sometimes feel as though God sent Jesus to live and die among us as a sort of “fallback” plan. The common view of the cross can sometimes become a “plan B” theory. However, the idea that God sent Jesus after every other effort had failed, is not Biblical. Read More 

The One Who Understands

As Christians we believe that Jesus was both fully God and fully man. While some groups emphasize his divinity and others his humanity, we realize that both are essential to the person of Jesus Christ. Therefore, because Christ was fully human, we realize that he can fully enter into our human experience. He did this to identify with us and to bring redemption. As human beings one of our deepest needs is to be completely known and understood. For this reason, it was essential that Christ fully entered into our human experience so that we can be assured of his ability to relate to us in every way. Read More 

A Pigeon, a Lion and Deep Magic

God’s love and mercy for us is fully revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. Christ did not come to hold back the wrath of God; rather He came to deliver us from the bondage of Satan. Through sin, we are made slaves to Satan’s dominion. However, through Christ’s death on the cross, we are bought back from the power of sin and death. The sacrifices of the Old Testament remind us of the consequences of sin and point to a time when Christ would pay the price of sin for all who choose to believe in Him. Read More 

Fear Not – It’s Good News

Like the shepherds whom the angel of the Lord spoke to, God wants us to know that we do not need to be afraid of Him. His character in the person of Jesus Christ displays His love for us. The message of His love is good news! Out of this abundant relationship with Jesus, comes a desire to share this good news with others. Read More 


The telling of the birth of Jesus is the ultimate example of how God brings about His Kingdom into the world by bringing about salvation (God’s plan) within a context of human power (man’s plan).The savior of the world came into the world very different than a worldly king would have entered. As we look at our world today, it may look like the Caesars of the world (rulers, principalities, powers) are in control. Yet, it is important to remember that God is ultimately in control. God is always at work in all situations, subversively bringing to pass his own plans and purposes and bringing redemption. Read More 

Making His-Story

Zachariah’s Song alludes to over 35 different Old Testament scriptures. With the use of phrases like “God of Israel,” “to his people,” “from our enemies,” “his servant David,” and “our father Abraham” the reader of this song should recognize how Zachariah is looking back. But he is not just looking back. He is looking back to look forward. He is using the actions of God recorded in the Old Testament as a backdrop for the even greater things God will do through Jesus Christ. With these allusions we can see how God makes His-Story, how the story of God’s dealings with Israel becomes the story of God redeeming the entire world. Read More 

The Dancing Spirit

When Mary greeted Elizabeth, she was filled with the Holy Spirit. One of the central characteristics of the Kingdom Jesus inaugurated is that people would be immersed in the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is not a sub-diety; He is the third person of the Trinity, three persons but one God. There are five biblical facts that substantiate the reality of the Trinity: 1.The Bible names that Father as God. 2.The Bible states that the Son is God. 3.The Bible also refers to the Holy Spirit as God. 4.The Father, Son and Spirit interact with one another. 5.The Bible makes it clear that there is only ONE God. Read More 

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