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Use a reusable bottle

This is an obvious one, but get a water bottle that you just take with you everywhere. Not only will you avoid single-use containers, but you won’t spend as much money on beverages at stores and vending machines if you have your own. It’s true that most cans and bottles can be recycled, but that requires energy. And it takes energy to make the thing to begin with, and ship it around too!

Shared by SC on Thursday September 29, 2022

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"I am a podrishioner that just wanted to say thanks for sharing Woodland Hills through podcasts and videos. This is my place to get a spiritual refill, and it’s where I get most of my teaching from. Since I've starting following you four years ago, my view on God, myself and other people has radically been changed. Thanks so much, and keep sharing the Kingdom!"

– Knut-Inge, from Norway