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Volunteer Profile: Tim Staiger

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We are so thankful for our volunteers at Woodland and occasionally like to highlight the people who are behind-the-scenes. Recently we asked some questions of Tim Staiger, a volunteer lay counselor on our Care Team.

What brought you to Woodland Hills?

My wife, Deb, and I attended Open Door [in Maple Grove] for almost 10 years so we knew about Woodland Hills, as Greg often taught at Open Door. We were feeling a draw to seek a new church home and decided to check out Woodland. We immediately found a home here, and love the teaching, worship, the way Woodland seeks to serve the community around us, and the friends we’ve made.

How did you get connected with the Care Ministry?

I saw a spotlight about the counseling ministry and decided to check it out, as I was looking for a way to get involved at Woodland and for a way to share whatever gifts I have with the church body. I’ve served as a lay counselor for over ten years now, and I love the ministry it is.

I joined the altar prayer team a couple years after joining the counseling ministry, and found it to be such a blessing to stand with my brothers and sisters in prayer.

What does volunteering look like for you?

For me volunteering looks like offering whatever talents or gifts I’ve been given by God, coming alongside my brothers and sisters who may just need someone to walk with them through a difficult time and sharing Jesus’ love with them.

When you think back over the time you’ve volunteered is there any experience that stands out?

There are so many—I could go on all day about them, but I’ll choose one…

I had the opportunity to counsel a couple (via Skype) who are podrishioners in another state.  They were amazing people who were struggling in their marriage. It was such a privilege to walk with them and to witness how they were able to save their marriage—through the grace of God, and a lot of hard work by them. It was so great to be able to offer some of what happens here at Woodland to our community members who live out of state. I love that our church community goes so far outside the walls of our building in Minnesota.

You go on mission trips with Woodland. What has brought you joy in doing that?

It has been amazing to have the opportunity to serve on mission teams to Costa Rica the last four years (this coming January will be my fifth year). What has brought me joy has been the incredible servant hearts I’ve encountered both among my fellow mission team members and in the Costa Ricans we have served under at Camp Penuel, as well as the lifelong friendships that have been formed.  Also I’ve been blown away seeing the effect sharing Jesus’ love has had on the children who attend the camp. They come from some pretty difficult circumstances and to see them open up and receive the love that’s offered, and to see Jesus transform their hearts, even in such a short time, is just beautiful.

What do you do during the work week?

I am a store director for a local grocery chain.

What do you like to do for fun?

Deb and I love spending time with our eleven nieces and nephews. We also enjoy traveling to new places (and returning to our favorite places, like the North Shore) and we love hiking in the mountains (we even climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro together!), and we enjoy spending time with our family (which includes our friends!).

Anything else you want to share?

The incredible thing about volunteering, is that you go into it hoping to just bless those you serve, but they end up blessing you even more.


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  1. Gary says:

    Gods good and so are you!
    Love ya, brother

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