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What is… The MuseCast?

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At the end of each weekend service, we throw in a plug for the MuseCast. Now, we pull back the curtain and take a look at its inner workings from the perspectives of our wise and witty hosts, Shawna Boren and Dan Kent.

Where did the idea for the MuseCast come from? And why is it called the MuseCast?

Dan: Whenever I go to church, I always process the sermon with whoever I go with. We discuss it, debate it, whatever. I thought it would be neat to have a platform for doing that with the congregation. The varieties of “post-game shows” from professional sports also inspired the idea.” I thought: if you can have a talk show about a game, we could definitely have a talk show about a sermon. And, having it in the middle of the week is a great reminder of the content from Sunday. The name is a play off of “News Cast.” We changed NEWS to MUSE to play on the idea that the show would be a muse in the sense that it might inspire deeper thought and epiphany.

What do you enjoy about hosting?

Shawna: I enjoy engaging with the sermon in a different way through our casual conversations and interacting with the viewers, whether that’s in person or through the chat. It’s also eye-opening to hear how others are interpreting the sermons, and then be able to answer any questions that arise. We have a lot of fun doing the MuseCast and it’s one of my favorite parts of my role at Woodland.

Dan: Well, it’s just fun, so there’s that. And, to my surprise, not everyone contemplates the sermons that they see. I love being able to process the ideas from Sunday in a way that other people can benefit from. Plus, it’s great to give people the opportunity to ask questions and get clarity on things from Sunday that they might not have understood.

Any goofy or “aha” moments you’d like to share?

Shawna: I think MANY of our moments are goofy. Seriously, we just about always start the show laughing. That’s not forced or disingenuous! What folks see is our authentic, goofy selves from start to stop! As for “aha” moments, any time Dan reveals another profession he has held in his storied life, I’m always surprised. Makes for a great Bingo game!

Explain Nugget Time, please.

Dan: After the initial howdies-and-howaryas, we do a sermon summary, aka “The Sermory.” Then, after we discuss the sermon and answer any questions sent in, we close the show with “Nugget Time.” Nuggets are: a final thought, a practical insight or an inspiring reflection/prayer/poem. Lately, Nugget Time has involved an impromptu “Nugget Dance,” which adds an exercise component to the show.

What have you learned from doing the Musecast?

Shawna: I’m not sure I learned this, but the show has reinforced for me the fact that we have such a large community of folks near and far who are truly connected to the vision and teachings of Woodland. We hear all the time about how people felt theologically isolated until they found Woodland and now they feel as though they belong. The MuseCast has been a part of that and we hear regularly how folks enjoy the show and benefit from our discussions each week.

Jonathan D. Green, a MuseCast regular who has been following Woodland for years, shared how he has benefited: “I enjoy Dan and Shawna’s thinking in regards to Jesus and what living out the Kingdom really looks like that includes practicality too, from genuinely loving our neighbors to aligning our thoughts with Christ. It’s also refreshing that they don’t take themselves too seriously—they have a sense of humor! I also love that the “nuggets” are totally vegan and cruelty free!”

If you want to get in on Nugget Time, you can find the MuseCast Tuesdays at 4pm on YouTube or catch it on podcast.

4 thoughts on “What is… The MuseCast?

  1. Howard says:


    The sermon https://giphy.com/gifs/spotify-play-streaming-SbtWGvMSmJIaV8faS8

    (I doubt the meme will come thru, but mind blowing!)
    I mean it was Greg Boyd good!!!

    Outstanding concepts conveyed in easily understood measures. Thank you for giving permission to be spiritual and scientific @ the same time!

    (I’m a group gatherer x a couple of yrs)

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks Howard!

    And, I LOVE that gif !

  3. Dorinda says:

    11/12/23 sermon was a learning curve for me, learning the meaning of the different numbers. And I stand corrected from my earlier post that the 7 lamps and 7 stars are the 7 churches. Greg said, He believes that the 7 spirits are not angels, but the 7 Spirits of God. I noticed in scripture that the word spirit was capitalized which indicates of Spirit of God. Rev 5:6 states that the 7 eyes are of the Lamb, well we all know that is Jesus. Rev 3: 3 states I will come like a thief in the night. (Jesus). Rev 4: 5 states which are the 7 Spirits of God. Rev 5: 2 John said, “I saw a strong angel.” Distinguishing a shift from 7 Spirits and an angel. This sermon urged me dig deeper into Revelation. I loved it. I learned that the 7 Spirits are wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, godliness, and fear. The fullness of God’s Spirit will be leashed with 7 eyes watching to see who has the wisdom to understand the counsel of the knowledge of God’s godliness and might in a Holy fear. If I have wrongly learned please correct me.

  4. Dorinda says:

    Sunday, March 17,24 Sermon by Shawna. I’m loving this series. I’m digging deep into Revelation and seeing the words for the first time. I’m like is that correct! That’s not what I learned. I enjoy anything that challenges me and result in learning. Revelation is no longer scarey. I can see how the messages to the churches relate to today’s churches. Today’s churches struggle with the same (but I have this against you). I see this as God’s wisdom. God knew that today’s churches would have the same struggles. Do you think Revelation is a prelude to tribulation? My evenings prayers last night was everything Shawna was talking about. So many christians are missing out by thinking “Well I believe so I have assurance of heaven.”, the work is done. I felt God was talking to me though Sawna’s sermon. I’m always asking God “Am I on the right track?” The message was a confirmation for me that I am, but I have a long way to go. The body needs to hear it’s not a one and done, but the journey is just beginning. My life is full of struggles and trails. This is win God teaches me so much about me, and increases my trust and faith in Him. Although, that is when I have my deep heart felt, prayers and toss in a little anger. Otherwise, I can get complacent not much learning there. The body needs to hear the message that the work of refining us is the beginning and that salvation is not the end. When Shawna said, remind ourselves who we are. I pray that God will help me to remember who I am. The daughter of the Almighty God. If not for a daily relationship with God, I won’t know that there are behaviors in my life that are not sins, but not Christ like. Hope WHC revisits this message ever so many months.

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