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What is… Vessels?

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In one sentence Vessels is: Woodland’s young adult ministry, and they meet on Monday nights for a meal, worship and prayer. But Vessels is much more than just a time and event!

We talked with a few people active in Vessels recently, and they said that Vessels is a place to:

Practice community

  • Taking part in the relationship building process and working towards creating a more stable community has allowed me to see how God can work through us to create something beautiful. — Zuriel A.

Navigate young adulthood

  • As a young adult Christian it can sometimes be hard to find this space in the rest of our lives. This is a time of life where things are changing a lot, we’re quite literally choosing and shaping our lives for the next several years. I believe you need community with you through this. — Amelia C.


  • We have a committed group of young adults from various backgrounds and with different ways of thinking about the world, and we’re able to all come together to worship Christ and lift eachother up in prayer. Every conversation is interesting, fun, and sometimes challenging — but it helps shape the way I interact with those who think differently in my own life. Plus, the food is always good. — Harris P.

Take faith beyond Sunday services

  • I have loved the people at Vessels and have made some very dear friends there. I also appreciate the realness people bring. I like that I get to take a day out of my week to focus on my relationship with God and other people! —Ketura A.

To find out more, check out the Vessels page here, or email Danny at dchurchill@whchurch.org.

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"Thank you to everyone who serves in the prayer ministry. I have been deeply blessed by the time spent in prayer with TRIO."

– Megan, from Texas