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Why Are We Only Focused on White People?

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Whether you are white, black or brown, the Gospel tells us we are all sinners in need of a savior. [1] So of course an individual black or brown person may be as prejudiced as any white individual.

In addition, anyone can be discriminated against for any number of reasons. Some people are discriminated against because of their poverty, gender or sexual orientation. Others are treated as less than equal because of a physical or mental disability. Still others are discriminated against because of their body shape, age, religion or nationality. The idea of “white privilege” doesn’t mean that white people never experience discrimination, only that they never experience discrimination based on their whiteness. Something like poverty is devastating no matter who you are, but living in poverty while also facing systemic racism is a unique type of suffering that white people simply do not have to deal with.

The unjust use of force by police officers against any ethnicity is tragic, but the killing of black men carries special significance. Police brutality against black men is disproportionately high, but the killing of black men also fits an ugly historical pattern of white authorities treating blacks as less-than-equal. Black lives and black bodies have been dehumanized and brutalized since the founding of America, and police violence is just a symptom of that larger problem.

Chattel slavery, medical experimentation, inhumane work environments and more have built into the American psyche the idea that black lives and bodies are not worthy of protection or care. So, unjust policing is only one area among many where society treats black and brown bodies with disdain. And when a video comes to light of a white police officer casually suffocating to death an unarmed black man (and one shudders to think how many similar incidents were never caught on tape), this is not an isolated act of grotesque injustice, but part of the pattern of racist injustice that has plagued our nation from the start.

[1] Romans 3:21-24, John 3:16

One thought on “Why Are We Only Focused on White People?

    brother wayne says: Sunday June 14, 2020 at 12:05 pm

    If you dont look at the amount of melanin on my facebook page,would you recieve the video teaching of Pastor Voddie Baucham on Race and Reconciliation from March 27,2019?…Im not one to expect a reply…just doing what I believe God is wanting me to do…….plant and water…He brings the harvest…Yes, I have had Repent from Religion book for about 8yrs….reading it and buying other ones to plant….but I have been challenged to return once again to the foot of THE CROSS!…Its like we are all as Christians at the foot of THE CROSS choosing to grabhold of His right foot or left foot………..neglecting the fact that the same nail held both feet to The Same Cross….God Bless…not black nor white but CRIMSON RED!!…thank you


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