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2023 Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Snap and share photos of your Summer Get-Together fun, and enter to win one of five $50 Amazon gift cards!

What: Take photos on our scavenger hunt list – each one enters you in our drawing
When: Summer Get-Together weekend: July 14-16 at Woodland Hills – see the schedule here
How: Email photos to info@whchurch.org, and/or share them on social media with the tag #WHSummer23

Here’s the list!

  1. The Summer Get-Together logo
  2. Selfie with a WH Staff member
  3. Rob or Shawna leading a building tour
  4. Art you saw on a wall during a building tour
  5. One of the tiny homes in our parking lot
  6. The stage during MuseCast Live
  7. Your favorite treat after MuseCast Live
  8. A Music Fest sign
  9. The stage during Music Fest
  10. Selfie with someone you talked to at Music Fest
  11. Chalk art you made at Music Fest
  12. Photo in front of the Summer Get-Together backdrop (fun outfits available!)
  13. Playing a game of bean bags at Music Fest
  14. A dog at Music Fest
  15. Airborne bubbles at Music Fest
  16. What you ate at Music Fest
  17. Dancing at Music Fest
  18. Selfie with someone you attended church and/or the baptism with
  19. Baptism tank
  20. Group photo (extra respect if it’s silly!)

You can download a printable PDF checklist here!

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