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Bless Your Enemies Card

Our theme for this year’s MLK celebration is “Forces of Light.” We remember that our struggle is not against other people, but against the forces of darkness, which Paul calls the “powers and principalities.” To make this practical, we’ve created an activity to bless your enemies this next month. Download the card here

Learn-a-thon 2022

At Woodland, we are committed to learning to love together. We’re also passionate about proclaiming God’s heart for racial healing and justice. So, to observe MLK Day this year, we’re bringing back our Learn-a-thon: Race and Peace 2022. We have created resource lists of suggested books, podcasts, videos, conversation questions and more for you to learn about race, justice, peacemaking and the civil rights movement. Read More 

New Series: When You Pray

Jesus taught that prayer was essential to our life with God, and the very heart of how we move through the world. He said to his disciples “When you pray…do these things.” Jesus didn’t say “If you pray…” or “On those occasions you happen to think about prayer…” He wanted his followers to know that the practice of prayer is indispensable, not a nice add-on… Read More 

2021 Christmas Eve Coloring Pages

For years now, Woodland has kept the tradition of sharing a story with kids on Christmas Eve. This year, we’ll be sharing the story The Women God Chose, which complements our Christmas sermon series on The Matriarchs of Christmas. If you’re not joining us in person, you can find the coloring pages that go with the story here. Read More 

New Neighbors Update #3

We reached our goal of $45,000! Actually, we went above and beyond that! Thank you Woodland family for helping us welcome our new neighbors by contributing to our Christmas fundraiser. Read More 

Welcoming Afghan Neighbors

Our New Neighbors winter fundraiser is collecting money for three organizations welcoming newcomers to Minnesota. We found out that at least one Woodland family is already involved with Arrive Ministries, one of these organizations. Read More 

New Neighbors Update #2

Thanks to your generosity, we’re getting close to the halfway point! You are making a difference in welcoming Congolese and Afghan refugees to Minnesota!  Read More 

2021 Advent Activity

Are you looking for a way to get your kiddos prepared for the good news of Jesus’ birth this Christmas season?

We have a downloadable activity that you can use throughout the month of December to bring the nativity story to life. If you were able to attend our Good News Advent production, you already have it. For those of you who missed out, we want you to be able to participate too! Read More 

New Series: The Matriarchs of Christmas

This Christmas we take a look at what the matriarchs in Jesus’ family tree can teach us about God’s love. The Matriarchs of Christmas starts December 5 and will end with a final, special service on Christmas Eve. We hope you and your loved ones can join us!  Read More 

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"I'm so thankful to have found the podcasts in the last couple of months! The Lord has really been using them to encourage me and my family! "

– Mindy, from Georgia