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A Place of Belonging

I think Woodland has a big opportunity to be the ones to accept people, to not have people who are set aside. So many of our folks come on Sundays and are greeted and they feel cared for. People say ‘Hey you weren’t here last week, where were you?’ This is a kind of belonging and Joy-Filled Hearts is another place to belong. Read More 

Help us prepare for Christmas

On Sunday, December 10, consider sticking around after the service to help us get ready for Christmas! Help putting together activity packets, coloring cards, and setting up chairs for our Christmas Eve service. Read More 

With a Grateful Heart 2023 Photo Gallery

Our Grateful Heart event was such a great time! Thanks to all who could make it. We enjoyed worship, various forms of art from within the community, and pie! Check out some photos from the event here. Read More 

EchOlympics 2023

Our youth ministry, Echo, had their annual EchOlympics last week! EchOlympics is an epic night where teams red and blue face off in six different events to see which team will win. Check out some of the fun in the photos! Read More 

Welcoming a Second Food Shelf

By early Spring we expect another 600 or so people coming to our campus for food Mondays through Saturdays. And in Greg’s words, “That, beloved sisters and brothers, is what a building, and a community, committed to the Kingdom ought to look like!” Read More 

New Series: God IS the Gift

Wrapping paper, bows and ribbons. Christmas time = gift time, right? But in the hurry and scurry of our Christmas shopping, it’s easy to lose sight of God’s presence and the gift of his son. Read More 

Snowflake Making Photos ❄️

Thank you to everyone who helped make snowflakes last Sunday! We enjoyed some yummy treats and warm drinks, all while having fun n’ getting crafty together for our next, wintery stage design. We can’t wait until you see it! Read More 

Filling Food Gaps for Hungry Kids

Drew, one of our volunteers said, “Hunger in kids in the richest country in the history of the world shouldn’t be an issue, but it is. Woodland Hills has stepped up with the food shelf which can help, but if a family can’t make it to the food shelf because of work conflicts or transportation challenges, a lack of food can still be an issue. I’m energized by the hour I spend each week at Frost Lake Elementary. Read More 

Blood Drive

We’re happy to say that we’ve teamed up with Red Cross to host another Blood Drive in our building! It will be on Monday, December 4 from 12-6pm. If you would like to donate in December, just make sure to sign up! Read More 

Podrishioner Profile: Erich Salzmann

In 2011 Erich Salzmann was a Swiss missionary serving in Ukraine and he stumbled across Greg Boyd and Woodland Hills sermons. “That was a time I was really struggling. I felt dry and all of a sudden I was listening at least every evening to one of the sermons.”  Read More 

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"We just started attending last summer and we love it! This past weekend the music was so beautiful, I felt the Holy Spirit there and wept the entire time. And then the message on relationships spoke right to my own struggles. God is here."

– Nicole