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Christmas Lights Fundraiser

This season during our Christmas Lights sermon series, we want to bless these ministries, who are already a light in communities – both near and far! Read More 

Salvation Army Toy Shop Recap

If you’ve been around the building at all this past week, you may have noticed cars lined up outside… and even more of a site, the Gathering Area transformed into what could be mistaken for Santa’s workshop!

One of our Seasonal Partnerships is with the Salvation Army Toy Shop, who distribute toys for children who may not otherwise receive a Christmas gift. Read More 

Blood Drive Success

Thanks to anyone who was able to donate at our first blood drive, on-site right here at Woodland!
It was a great success, and Red Cross said we did amazing for our first ever blood drive. We certainly aim to set up more in the future! Read More 

Rick’s Route: Volunteering with Open Arms

On Sundays, hundreds of people come in and out of Door A at Woodland Hills, but on Wednesdays, it’s a small band of people sitting outside the doors laughing and chatting. These are the volunteer drivers for Open Arms of Minnesota. Read More 

With a Grateful Heart Photo Gallery

Thank you to all who came out for this year’s With a Grateful Heart event! What a lovely time spent together, enjoying warm drinks and pie, and experiencing what some of the gifted artists in our community have to offer. Read More 

Salvation Army Toy Shop

One of the Seasonal Partnerships we’ve had over the years is with the Salvation Army Toy Shop, who use our building as a distribution site. We’re excited to again be hosting the Toy Shop this December 13-15!

The Twin Cities Salvation Army provides toys for thousands of children who may not otherwise receive a Christmas gift. They’re one of the largest providers of toys in the area. Read More 

Vessels Service Project

Vessels is a group of people from 18 to 30s working on building intentional community together at Woodland Hills. Recently, the community held a service night to build shelving units and clean areas of the recently-completed tiny home warehouse.  Read More 

Blood Drive at WH

We are pleased to inform you that this December, we will be holding a Blood Drive right here at Woodland! It will be onsite on Monday, December 5 from 12-6pm. Read More 

With a Grateful Heart 2022

This year, With A Grateful Heart will be a cozy, family-friendly event with worship, warm drinks, fall snacks and will feature artists from the Woodland Hills community sharing their work with us. Read More 

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"I am a podrishioner that just wanted to say thanks for sharing Woodland Hills through podcasts and videos. This is my place to get a spiritual refill, and it’s where I get most of my teaching from. Since I've starting following you four years ago, my view on God, myself and other people has radically been changed. Thanks so much, and keep sharing the Kingdom!"

– Knut-Inge, from Norway