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Holy Week Guide

We hope this guide will help you enter into and reflect on the eight days beginning with Palm Sunday, and leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Each day reviews what Jesus was doing, and provides a verse and meditation for reflection. Read More 

Holy Week Through Peter’s Eyes

You might notice the art on the north wall in the Gathering Area changes from time to time. There’s something new this weekend: poems and illustrations that look at Holy Week through Peter’s eyes. Read More 

Three Years’ Worth of SEM

Our School of Everyday Mission (SEM) is a three year program that has now been running for three years, so we asked students from each class year to tell us what it’s been like for them. Enjoy!  Read More 

Share Your Story: Christine

I asked for online prayer help after church. I could barely speak to tell them what to pray for. The prayer person modeled to me a personal, intimate dialogue. They spoke to God straightforwardly, repeatedly sharing in the sorrow, and I learned that day that giving our grief and pain up to God, in Christ our Lord, is the only way to be at peace. Read More 

March Food Drive 2024

March is Food Nutrition Month, so throughout the month, we’ll be collecting food, donations and brown paper bags for our food shelf, the Corner Shelf. Since this time last winter, the number of households we’re serving has more than doubled! Read More 

Cultivate Connections

“We are an eclectic group with a little bit of everything. You wouldn’t put us at the same lunch table if you looked at us, and that’s what makes it fun. That stood out to me: how really different the disciples were. Jesus is the king at putting weird groups together!” Read More 

A Podcast Community

The MuseCast is much more than a regular podcast; it’s a unique space for community, featuring connection, humor and, of course, “nuggets” of insight from hosts Shawna Boren and Dan Kent. Read More 

New Series: Dear Church

At the center of Revelation is the cosmic clash between the Lamb of Truth and the Dragon of Deception. But before we meet either, John delivers messages from Jesus to seven churches… This weekend we continue our mega-series, The Unveiling, with part 2: Dear Church. Join us for it at 10am, in-person or online starting Sunday, January 21! Read More 

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"My counselor zeroed in on the root causes of my anxiety, explaining the mechanisms of why I was feeling the way I was, and what to do about it. She was very loving and compassionate and approached my situation with a technical mindset as well. A very rare combination."

– Lay Counseling participant