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Illuminate: Advent 2020

This year, we begin our Advent celebration on Sunday, December 6th. (Yeah, for you ardent Advent followers out there, we know we’re off a week, but planning got a little wonky!) Maybe some of the rest of you haven’t given much thought to Advent before, so here’s a little crash course. Read More 

New Mini-series: Salt & Light

Salt and light are two of the most basic essentials of life, and in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus uses them to describe our essential role as Kingdom people. The basic role of salt is to preserve and flavor. The basic role of light is to dispel the dark. As God’s people, our basic role is to bring the distinct flavor of the Kingdom into the world, and to use our light to push out the kingdom of darkness. Read More 

Race Conciliation: The One Fund

The One Fund has set a new goal to raise one million dollars by the anniversary of George Floyd’s death (May 25, 2021). As part of that overall project, churches across Minnesota are working to raise $111,000 by November 1. Join us as we seek to come alongside the Black Church as they faithfully serve vulnerable communities. Read More 

SOMA Goes International

SOMA (Woodland’s School of Missional Apprenticeship) is in its third year, and we’re pretty excited about a couple of unique elements! SOMA is now officially international, with three students enrolled from Haiti! Also, this is the first year where all of the live-in students are housed right next door to Beacon of Hope Church, where classes are held. Every SOMA community is unique because each student has a story to tell. Read More 

Local Listener: Pam Taylor

Pam wouldn’t necessarily describe herself as a risk-taker. She says, “It’s actually extremely difficult for me to make the effort to do things that are out of my comfort zone.”  But this Fall, she threw caution to the wind and checked off something very daring from her Bucket List: skydiving. Read More 

Three More Homes!

Peek your head around the corner of Woodland’s parking lot, and you’ll see an encouraging sight: groups of volunteers putting together three new tiny homes. Read More 

Simple Pleasures

It’s a bit of an understatement to say Summer was a bummer. Now that Fall’s here, days are shorter, nights are longer and many of us are feeling the  unpleasant fog of 2020 even more. We might feel “down in the mouth,” even if our frowns are hidden behind patterned masks. The weight of the world is pretty heavy these days as the news regularly reminds us. Though it’s good to be mindful and globally aware, it’s also healthy to take a break every now and then. Dwelling on darkness too long can send us spiraling into despair.  Read More 

Echo Connections

Echo, Woodland’s ministry for 7th-12th grade has been up and running for a little over a month and things are off to a strong start. On most weeks, about 70-80 students meet together on Zoom, but once a month they get the chance to enjoy each other in person. Read More 

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"Thank you all the way from Oregon. I deeply appreciate being shepherded by Pastor Greg and everyone else on the panels. You are a rare find in the church nowadays. Tackling tough questions with humility and a kingdom perspective. It has been life changing for me in such tumultuous times."

– Heather, from Oregon