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Good Friday & Easter 2022

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The story of Good Friday and Easter is about a struggle between darkness and light. On Friday, the disciples were deep in despair and fear. Their hopes for a revolution that would transform the world were crushed, and everything turned dark. But then the light of Easter morning transformed their grief to joy, as they realized that Jesus was setting the world right through his self-sacrificial love. His new Kingdom would indeed transform the world – but in a more beautiful way than they could have ever imagined.

It’s not hard to look around and see the darkness of our current “Good Friday” world. However, like the first disciples, our joy and hope is still in the resurrection of Jesus. The power of his perfect love on the cross serves as an example to all of us as we work to bring all of creation into light.

We welcome you join us as we reflect on this time of bringing Darkness to Light

Good Friday – Friday, April 15 at 7pm CT

Easter – Sunday, April 17 at 10am CT

Both services will be in-person and live-streamed. We encourage you to bring your family & friends, or if you’re watching from home, invite them to your house. Let’s celebrate this Easter season together!

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"It's been so supportive to have a journey group leader since 7th grade that I have made a lasting relationship with for 6 years. She has helped me grow in my faith and has been there to check in!"

– Laura, high school student