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MLK 2019: Onward

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Each year we have the opportunity to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., and rightly so. He was a visionary leader, an example of courage, sacrifice and hope, and a man who reflected the Kingdom life, or, as he called it: “the beloved community.”  

But Martin Luther King was only one person, and his triumphs rode on the shoulders of thousands of ordinary people whose names are lost to history.  

It was everyday women and men who made sacrifices to do what was right. It was the seamstress boycotting the bus, the student sitting at the lunch counter, the farmer registering to vote and the folk musician singing hope who made the movement possible.  

This year we highlight six of these “ordinary heroes” who were inspired by the revolutionary teachings of Jesus to lay their lives down for their sisters and brothers and even their enemies. These women and men were Kingdom people, living examples of how to show all people in all places their unsurpassable worth.   

May their stories encourage each one of us—ordinary though we may feel—to do the right thing, no matter the cost, for justice in our world.

Everyday Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement

2 thoughts on “MLK 2019: Onward

  1. Tim Litzinger says:

    What was the name of the organization that made the video regarding the Bible and restorative justice at the beginning of the sermon? I want to find that video and watch it again! Thank you.

    1. Charley Swanson says:

      Hi Tim, it was created by The Bible Project. We used a slightly trimmed version of the video during our services. You can watch the entire thing here:


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