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New Series: Unraveling Truth

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“What is truth?” Pilate asked Jesus, and his question is still relevant today. Many of us believe we have moved beyond an age of absolutes, and that one person’s reality is just as good as another’s. Sometimes we find ourselves playing a game of “Whose Truth is it Anyway?” While it can feel that all truth is unraveling, what if instead, there is certainty at the core of all things? During Unraveling Truth, we’ll attempt to peel back the layers to get to the heart of it.

A new session of Gathering Groups starts with this series during Wednesday Together, where you can discuss the sermons each week in a setting of sharing, learning, and growing together.

Unraveling Truth starts the weekend of March 7/8, and goes through Easter.
Join us on Saturday at 5 or Sunday at 9 or 11, and bring a friend!

2 thoughts on “New Series: Unraveling Truth

    Brad says: Saturday March 28, 2020 at 8:51 am

    Dear Pastor Greg
    Have you ever thought of doing a live podcast communion?
    I realize it is not normal,but with a little imagination, you can bring all the podrishioners to the last supper. To where Jesus has the twelve disciples also imagine his blood and his body. The beauty of this, I don’t see the health department complaining😄
    There was a time in my life,when I felt like I was alone and I didn’t belong to a church, I would do this and it helped hold me together.

      Paige Slighter says: Tuesday March 31, 2020 at 1:32 pm

      Hey Brad, we’re planning to do a live communion for our Good Friday service coming up. We agree, it is a great way to bring us all together. Thanks so much for sharing.
      _Paige from the Communications Team


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