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Crux of the Matter

Mar 10 2019 • Dan Kent, Greg Boyd, Osheta Moore

Unless you’re talking about something “safe” like the weather, today’s conversational climate is often volatile and contentious. How do we navigate high emotions, hostility, and heated words when topics like religion and politics come up? The world would like us to play sides, entangling us in conflict and controversy, but we are called to maintain our allegiance to the Kingdom, and center ourselves on Jesus. While we may be surrounded by a chaotic storm of divisiveness, we hold to the center—the crux—Jesus.

Sermons in this series:

Kingdom Ambassadors

• Osheta Moore

In the fourth installment of our Crux of the Matter series, where we’re looking at how to have difficult conversations with those we disagree with, Osheta furthers the discussion by inviting us to think about our everyday conversations as opportunities for peacemaking as Ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.

Topics: Controversial Issues, Kingdom of God

Bad Elephant

• Greg Boyd

In the third installment of our Crux of the Matter series where we’re looking at how to have difficult conversations with those we disagree with, Greg furthers the discussion of the relationship between our conscious reasoning and our subconscious feelings and emotional based instincts. Although we like to think of ourselves as rational logic driven decision makers, research continues to show that much of our reasoning is ad hoc and only serves to reinforce our already existing opinions and desires. In this message Greg tackles why these findings don’t need to lead to a deterministic world view as well as how to resolve the tension between being created in God’s image being and also born with a subconscious that pushes us away from Kingdom values.

Topics: Creation, Discipleship, Free Will, Imagination

Confident Humility

• Dan Kent

Today, Dan Kent shared with us some ideas about how having a proper Jesus-centered definition of humility can free us in our relationships, and help us remain centered on Jesus, put people before politics, and create peace during these divisive times.

Topics: Discipleship, Humility

The Self-Righteous Mind

• Greg Boyd

This past weekend, Greg opened up our new series with 1 Corinthians 16:14 - "Let all that you do be done in love." We discuss how to be Kingdom people in dealing with difficult conversations on controversial topics, all while keeping Jesus at the center.

Topics: Kingdom of God, Politics


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– WH Attender