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Heart Smart

Oct 19 2014 • Brianna Millett, Greg Boyd, Kevin Callaghan, Sue Krautkramer

Siblings and co-workers. Parents and supervisors. We all have people in our lives it can be hard to get along with, and even a good relationship has its rough spots. As followers of Jesus, we’re called to reflect the love of God in the way we navigate conflict and handle our emotions. Join us this fall as we take a Kingdom approach to relationships in our practical guide to relating like Jesus.

Video: Heart Smart: A practical guide to relating like Jesus

Sermons in this series:

Heart Smart: Q&A

• Greg Boyd, Kevin Callaghan, Sue Krautkramer

During our weekend services on November 29 and 30 we hosted Q&A sessions with Greg Boyd, Kevin Callaghan, and Sue Krautkramer. We included all three services, so enjoy listening to ALL the answers.

Dear Abby

• Greg Boyd, Kevin Callaghan, Sue Krautkramer

In our sixth week of Heart Smart our team of panelists read and responded to Dear-Abby-style letters about difficult relational situations from members of the church community. For each letter, they gave advice on how to approach the problem from a Kingdom point of view.

Topics: Community, Reconciliation, Relationships

Tough to Love

• Greg Boyd

Learning how to love the people in our life that we find challenging to deal with is often very difficult. This week in Heart Smart we look at some biblical examples and instructions on how to do love our enemies in the same way we love our friends.

Topics: Grace, Humility, Relationships

Baby Steps

• Brianna Millett

Forgiveness is central to who God is and how he loves us. In week four of Heart Smart we look at the process of taking baby steps towards both receiving forgiveness and extending it to others.

Topics: Conflict, Forgiveness, Relationships

She Said, He Heard

• Greg Boyd

The topic for our third week in the Heart Smart series is communication. Communication is the essence of all relationships and as such, it is a very important aspect of who we are as image bearers of Christ. We should see communication as a Kingdom activity worth learning to do well.

Topics: Conflict, Judgment, Relationships

Brain Reign

• Greg Boyd, Sue Krautkramer

In our second week of Heart Smart we look at the New Testament teaching on reigning over the relational brain. Understanding how God wired our brains can help us to learn how to take our thoughts captive to Christ.

Topics: Conflict, Love, Relationships

Hunger Games

• Greg Boyd

We begin a new series this week on emotional intelligence and the roles this plays in our relationship. This week we take a look at the role Jesus plays in our relationships and the importance of letting Christ be the source of where we fulfill our need for love.

Topics: Family, Love, Relationships


"So many thanks for your wonderful messages and all you give to the world around you. I'm retired in Ecuador with no churches so really appreciate your online presence. So many Christians discourage questions, so this is refreshing, as are the Q&A sessions."

– Gretchen