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Treasure Hunters

Mar 06 2022 • Dan Kent, Greg Boyd, Osheta Moore

Jesus once said: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Each one of us has “treasures,” and they shape and influence everything about how we live. In this section of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus challenges us to think carefully about our priorities. Is our treasure and trust in God and his Kingdom, or something else altogether?

Sermons in this series:

Food, Clothing & Dinosaurs

• Emily Morrison

Jesus tells us not to worry, but what does this mean in a world full of worry-causing circumstances? How can we not be anxious when there are so many troubling issues that we face? This teaching addresses what it means to trust God in anxious times to the point that we know that Jesus is with us as we face our worries.

Topics: Pain & Suffering, Presence of God

The Liturgy of Abundance

• Osheta Moore

Scarcity drives common daily experiences in our world, yet God invites us to trust his ability to abundantly provide. In this sermon, Osheta Moore offers us a liturgy of abundance so that we can embrace God’s abundance in the midst of scarcity.

Topics: Blessings, Discipleship, Generosity

Opting Out (Of the Mammon Game)

• Greg Boyd

How do we find freedom from the allure of mammon? In this sermon, Greg offers three practical steps for discovering contentment in God so that we are free from the discontentment that drives the Mammon Game.

Topics: Discipleship, Money

Fireproof Treasure

• Greg Boyd

At the end of time, we will come before God in judgment, where God’s love will refine and purge. Jesus taught us to live today with this future in mind by investing in treasures that will endure the fire instead of investing in that which will burn because they are not compatible with God’s love.

Topics: End Times, Judgment, Transformation

The Mammon Games

• Greg Boyd

Jesus taught us to be aware of the trap of money and greed. In this sermon, Greg applies Jesus’ words to today’s situation so that we might escape this mammon game and entrust our money to God.

Beloved Hypocrite

• Greg Boyd

In this sermon, Greg teaches on Matthew 6:16-21, where we’re told to fast in secret, unlike the "hypocrites" who put fasting on display for public applause. Our reward for secrecy is the beauty of the character that we develop when we learn how to be singularly motived by God’s will rather than social applause. This leads to two questions: How is this secret relationship with our Father going, and what really motivates us?

Topics: Disciplines, Prayer


"So many thanks for your wonderful messages and all you give to the world around you. I'm retired in Ecuador with no churches so really appreciate your online presence. So many Christians discourage questions, so this is refreshing, as are the Q&A sessions."

– Gretchen