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Unraveling Truth

Jan 29 2023 • Cedrick Baker, Dan Kent, Danny Churchill, Greg Boyd, Shawna Boren

“What is truth?” Pilate asked Jesus, and his question is still relevant today. Many of us believe we have moved beyond an age of absolutes, and that one person’s reality is just as good as another’s. With “my truth” and “your truth”, we sometimes find ourselves playing a game of “Whose Truth is it Anyway?” While it can feel that all truth is unraveling, what if instead, there is certainty at the core of all things? During Unraveling Truth, we’ll attempt to peel back the layers to get to the heart of it.

Sermons in this series:

Raveling Truth

• Dan Kent

This sermon provides a recap of the Unraveling Truth series, as Dan walks us through four elements of the series: Truth, God, Jesus and the Bible. He explains how these elements are related to each other and how they have implications for how we think and do day-to-day life.

Topics: Defense of Christian Faith, Presence of God

What’s Really Going On?

• Greg Boyd

Many people struggle in their faith because they have read in the Old Testament about the violence promoted and done by God. They ask how that violence is actually loving, and how it aligns with the God revealed in Jesus Christ on the cross. In this sermon, Greg provides a way to read these passages so that they point to the cross and demonstrate God’s love for the world.

Topics: Defense of Christian Faith, Non-Violence

Good Teacher

• Dan Kent

In this sermon, Dan Kent asks the question, was Jesus a good teacher? He uses the story of the rich young ruler, who called Jesus “good teacher,” and Jesus’ response to help us see the uniqueness of Jesus’ teachings. The questions that this man brought to Jesus hindered his ability to receive what Jesus taught, and in the same way today, our questions limit us.

Topics: Discipleship, Kingdom of God


• Greg Boyd

In this sermon, Greg addresses the problem of hell and how many have walked away from the faith because they cannot reconcile a God of love with a place of endless torture. Greg gives a biblical understanding of hell by demonstrating its metaphorical language, how we bring hell upon ourselves, and how it actually is related to God’s love.

Topics: End Times, Forgiveness, Hell

The Significance of the Church

• Cedrick Baker

Many today view the church as insignificant and irrelevant, and therefore, the church is seeing many exit its doors and never returning. What are the reasons why people view the church in this way? How can the church counteract this perspective? These questions are explored so that we might understand what it means to be the church in today’s world and how we can participate in being God’s people in a way that is both significant and relevant.

Topics: Community, Individualism, Spiritual Gifts

Close Encounters of the Kingdom Kind

• Adam Dyer, Greg Boyd

Greg interviews Adam Dyer, pastor of Yeovil Community Church in England and the Director of Jesus Collective. Through the conversation, we learn about practical ways God is working through his people when Jesus is placed at the center.

Topics: Community, Conflict, Power

Was Jesus Crazy?

• Dan Kent

Based on the claims that Jesus made about himself, we have three options: to say he was a liar, a lunatic or that he is lord. This sermon addresses the question of whether or not Jesus was of a sound mind, and then claims that the only sane human to have ever lived was Jesus, and what the implications of that are.

Topics: Defense of Christian Faith, Discipleship, Non-Violence

Everyone and Everything

• Greg Boyd

This sermon addresses two issues people often find problematic about being saved through the work of Jesus. The first is the issue of particularity, or how salvation is an exclusive offer found only in Jesus. The second issue is what we are saved from. Many have argued that we are saved from the wrath of God, but this presents a myriad of problems, many of which actually portray God as inherently angry and violent towards humans. This sermon lays out a different view of salvation, one based in the loving sacrifice of God on the cross.

Topics: Forgiveness, Salvation, Sin

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