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Unraveling Truth

Jan 29 2023 • Cedrick Baker, Dan Kent, Danny Churchill, Greg Boyd, Shawna Boren

“What is truth?” Pilate asked Jesus, and his question is still relevant today. Many of us believe we have moved beyond an age of absolutes, and that one person’s reality is just as good as another’s. With “my truth” and “your truth”, we sometimes find ourselves playing a game of “Whose Truth is it Anyway?” While it can feel that all truth is unraveling, what if instead, there is certainty at the core of all things? During Unraveling Truth, we’ll attempt to peel back the layers to get to the heart of it.

Sermons in this series:

Natural Habitat

• Greg Boyd

We live in a world where most people believe in some form of a God, but more often than not, people do not view God as personal or in a relationship with us. This sermon explores why it is logical to say both that God exists and is personal, and then it examines the importance of cultivating this personal interaction with God.

Topics: Defense of Christian Faith, Presence of God

This We Believe

• Greg Boyd

In a culture where the foundations of truth are unraveling, Greg offers a framework that equips us to focus on Jesus and walk with others who might see things differently than we do.

Topics: Defense of Christian Faith

Miracles and Microscopes

• Dan Kent

This sermon covers the problem of science vs. faith and the supposed division between the two that often drives away people from the church. Dan Kent proposes a solution to resolve the differences, showing us how the two can work together and complement one another.

Topics: Defense of Christian Faith

The Physics of Faith

• Emily Morrison

In this sermon, Emily Morrison looks at what happens right after Jesus feeds the 5000 to point out the importance of raising questions about our faith. She offers an explanation of three phases of our faith journey that allow us to embrace the questions and find a way through them by ultimately bringing them to Jesus. 

Topics: Defense of Christian Faith, Faith

Absolute Relativism

• Greg Boyd

Is it possible to claim to know any absolute truth in an age in which everything is heading in the direction of relativism? In this sermon, Greg gives us three reasons to take relativism seriously and understand why people might think it plausible.

Topics: Defense of Christian Faith

Good News People

• Danny Churchill

The church too often puts on display bad news that drives people away from God. This sermon confronts this pattern and shows us a different way­—a way of love that can provide an experience of good news.

Topics: Judgment, Love

Hitting Bottom

• Greg Boyd

In this sermon, Greg provides an introduction to a new series on the reason why we believe in and follow Christ. He surveys why this topic is important and some of the various questions that we will explore in the series. Then Greg explains the foundation of his faith that he worked out when he was wresting with questions of belief.

Topics: Defense of Christian Faith, Love


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