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Spiritual Friendships Class

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During our Lost Art of Friendship sermon series, we’re taking a look at the struggle many of us have with intimate friendships. To a large degree, we’ve lost the art of making and keeping friends in our modern culture.

One of the ways we’re addressing this need is through a class on “spiritual friendships” that will launch after the sermon series has ended. In it, we’ll explore what it means to be part of a life-giving spiritual friendship that’s centered on mutual growth in Jesus.

Learn more and register here!

One thought on “Spiritual Friendships Class

  1. Kevin says:

    A long time ago I attended this class which was followed by 422 ? small groups. It all sort of fizzled out as far as I remember. Just now I clicked on this link and got nothing:
    Today I find myself spiritually friendless despite the fact that I still attend 2 gathering groups. In those groups we discuss the sermon and it is good to fellowship with other believers on some level.
    Without literally moving to Minnesota(God forbid) and my not having a like-minded ‘church’ to attend here, I’m not getting anywhere fast.
    Any ideas? Thanks

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